Princess Máxima of the Netherlands In Valentino Couture – Queen Beatrix Of The Netherlands Abdication State Dinner

Princess Máxima of the Netherlands In Valentino - Queen Beatrix Of The Netherlands Abdication State Dinner

Princess Máxima of the Netherlands was joined by Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands on the red carpet at Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam yesterday evening for a dinner party hosted by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

The couple will be crowned King and Queen today and the Queen who will abdicate the throne, so this was also her formal farewell dinner.

The future queen saw out her last night as princess with a bang, wearing a head-turning Valentino Fall 2006 Couture red strapless gown with tiered ruffles and an embellished waist.

If this was a celebrity, I would be tempted to say she overdid it with the jewels, but Máxima’s diamond tiara, diamond necklace and bracelet are quite spectacular.

A red scarf, a red satin clutch and cascading curls completed the look.

Like all modern-day princesses, Máxima’s beautiful look is a re-run. She wore this gown to Prince Charles’s 60th birthday dinner back in 2008.

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24 thoughts on “Princess Máxima of the Netherlands In Valentino Couture – Queen Beatrix Of The Netherlands Abdication State Dinner

  1. Yeliz

    She looked gorgeous here. I agree, if this would’ve been a red carpet I would also say that she overaccessorized her look, but not here.

    I have to say that she looks even more beautiful right now in her blue gown and the cape.

  2. Erik

    So amazing. I love her.

    The blue gown and cape she is wearing now is by Jan Taminiau.
    Also, she is not Princess anymore. She was yesterday at the dinner but this morning was the abdication of Queen Beatrix and now Willem-Alexander is the King and so Máxima is the Queen.

  3. Alicat

    I love the movement of the gown on the runway, and the detailing on the alternative bodice. Off the runway it is like a wilted flower. Too many ruffles. Even getting rid of the one on the bodice would help. Complete overkill.

  4. Julie E.

    If I was a royal, I would go OTT with the jewels too :D

    She looks great, but the ruffles are a bit distracting to me. I think Mary of Denmark looked more elegant at this event.

  5. Erik

    The tiara she is wearing now was made in order of King Willem III for his wife Queen Emma. The sapphire stone on her cape used to be property of Anna Paulowna who was Willem II’s wife.

  6. Grace Patricia

    She looks amazing! Love the deep red and despite not being very fond of exceeding bling, I love the jewels. Perfection!

  7. T from Sydney

    Pfft she’s a Queen there is no such thing as too many jewels ;)

    There were so many beautiful dress I hope you can post all if them FC!!!
    Princess Mary was one of my favs
    Ps happy belated birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day xo

  8. Appollonia

    I didn´t like it then in 2006 and even less now. It makes her look enourmous. The diamonds are beautiful neverthless.

  9. Ramsay

    Just look you said yesterday FC on Michelle Docker’s Elie Saab, I think this dress looks better when its wearer is on the move

  10. Moxie

    She looks stunning. But you would think for such a momentous occasion she would wear something new.

  11. kane

    I find this just okay. The movement on the catwalk is quite intriguing. Of the three looks my least favourite.

  12. dressaddict

    I love this one too and thinking about the Natan dress I think that she made perfect choices all the way.

  13. Fiona-Brasil

    ” Like all modern-day princesses, Máxima’s beautiful look is a re-run”, the re-run factor makes me like her and the dress even more.It is so not cool in the current days wear a dress just once…

  14. EmmaWoodhouse

    Beautiful! BDOTW-worthy, it is so memorable, elegant, delightfully OTT, and fun.
    Love the rich red color–it’s like an unfurling rose.
    Hope you had a lovely birthday, FC! I was reminded by the comment above *sheepish grin*

    1. Catherine Kallon Post author

      Thank you…it the same day at the Duchess and Duke wedding anniversary, so that way you can never forget ;)

  15. TeaAtTwo

    Too right that she wore it again; the gown is amazing. Of all the jewellery I want to take the necklace off.


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