Deepika Padukone In Victoria Hayes – Cannes Film Festival

Deepika Padukone struck a pose at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday (May 11) in France. The actress's red carpet gowns have been all about drama and there is definitely plenty of that in this Victoria Hayes royal purple suit with its..

Deepika Padukone In Ashi Studio Couture – ‘Ash Is The Purest White (Jiang Hu Er Nv) Cannes Film Festival Premiere

The red carpet for the Cannes Film Festival premiere of 'Ash Is The Purest White (Jiang Hu Er Nv)' , was immediately shut down when Deepika Padukone stepped onto it. I know many of you were fatigued by her look yesterday, but if this doesn't..

Deepika Padukone In Zuhair Murad Bridal – ‘Sorry Angel (Plaire, Aimer Et Courir Vite)’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Deepika Padukone is the first Bollywood beauty to arrive at Cannes Film Festival; taking to the main stage this evening (May 10) for the 'Sorry Angel (Plaire, Aimer Et Courir Vite)' premiere. I know some of you have an aversion to bridal..