September 15, 2021

Thom Browne @ The 2021 Met Gala

Erykah Badu in Thom Browne - 2021 Met Gala

Thom Browne was represented at the Costume Institute Gala that celebrated the opening of the exhibition ‘In America: A Lexicon of Fashion’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday (September 13) in New York with five attendees.

Born in New York, the brand is known for its unique brand of American tailoring, so without much effort, this table was on theme.

Erykah Badu brought her unique style to the Met Gala.

We can always expect a thematic look from the singer, even outside this event, and she didn’t let us down by collaborating with Thom Browne.

In essence the individual pieces – a black silk duchess satin down stole with white satin buttons, sportcoat and suspender skirt with drawstring details, and black patent lace-up boots – don’t really scream avant-garde, but when put together, and sprinkled with that Badu energy – and that lace headpiece – magic happens.

Sharon Stone in Thom Browne - 2021 Met Gala

Sharon Stone was one of the first people to hit the red carpet at this event.

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed this Thom Browne look with the cape.

Sharon Stone in Thom Browne - 2021 Met Gala

The actress did remove it to reveal a matching tiered jacket and column skirt, but I found the pre-reveal more memorising.

Her look was styled with Chopard jewels.

Amandla Stenberg in Thom Browne - 2021 Met Gala

Amandla Stenberg is becoming quite the champion in experimental, unorthodox fashion, and I’m so here for it.

I love how the tailored ticket-pocket tailcoat gave this look a jaunty feel, while the corset added a touch of sex appeal.

Amandla isn’t afraid to put it all out there, but she does so with purpose.  And that’s what I really respect about her fashion choices of late.

Mj Rodriguez in Thom Browne - 2021 Met Gala

Mj Rodriguez had perhaps the most dramatic look from the Thom Browne table, in terms of delivering a voluminous look.

Her Victorian look with modern, edgy slant, was executed to perfection.  I love how this displayed the depths of the designer’s craftsmanship.

One of the best of the night for me.

Ana Khouri jewelry completed her look.

Pete Davidson in Thom Browne - 2021 Met Gala

Speaking of one of the best of the night, I really loved Pete Davidson taking it there by wearing this white mackintosh overcoat featuring black grosgrain tipping with a knee-length column tunic dress.

The style and uniqueness felt true to his personality.  I didn’t feel like he was wearing a dress for shock value.

Custom sunglasses from Silhouette, Thom Browne longwing brogue boots plus jewels from Fred Leighton and Kwiat completed his look.

Not bad for his Met Gala debut.  

Thom Browne - 2021 Met Gala

When it comes to Lil Uzi Vert’s Thom Browne look, it’s in the details.  

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