Sonam Kapoor Is Instaglam In Dalood

Fashion Blogger Catherine Kallon Features Sonam Kapoor Is Instaglam In Dalood

Sonam Kapoor’s sartorial choices always impress (lately more so than her outings at Cannes), and her Instagram post over the festive period was no exception.

The actress wore an all-blue Dalood Spring 2019 skirt suit which I love for several reasons: the colour, the asymmetrical cuts and pleats, plus the embellishments.

Some may find the Alessandra Rich crystal heart earrings overkill, but I love the added glamour they give to this look, plus they are distinctive and playful.

Do I wish she had opted for the runway blue and yellow? Yes, especially as this is one of my favourite colour combos, but all blue works just as well for me.

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