Nieves Alvarez In Carolina Herrera – Vogue España 30th Anniversary Party

Nieves Alvarez joined Goya Toledo in helping Vogue España celebrate its 30th anniversary with a party held at Casa Velazquez on Thursday (July 12) in Madrid, Spain.

The model also wore a Carolina Herrera Resort 2018 dress which was supremely elegant, but it was the hat that really drew my focus.

While these style of hats/fascinators are usually reserved for Kentucky Day or Royal Ascot, it was intriguing to see how the look gave the model such a glowing regal air that didn’t feel forced or pretentious.

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Nieves Alvarez In Roland Mouret – Roger Vivier ♥ Madrid

Nieves Alvarez attended the ‘Roger Vivier Loves Madrid’ party on Tuesday (June 12) in Spain.

Those familiar with Roland Mouret’s meticulous craftsmanship will already purring over this fitted dress.

So refined with signature asymmetric panels meeting at a skew across the bodice, the look feels familiar, yet so fresh and modern at the same time.

Nieves is doing a helluva fine job selling this look, which was of course styled with Roger Vivier accessories.

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Nieves Alvarez In Gucci – Vogue Who’s On Next Awards

Nieves Alvarez attended the Vogue Who’s On Next Awards in Madrid, Spain this evening (May 24) wearing a very familiar look.

Some might be thinking, “did we really need to have a third outing of this look?”

But I think in terms of styling Naomie Harris and Shu Qi kept the shoes simple whereas showed us how you can take this look up a notch with embellished Louboutins, a Buglari clutch and jewels.

Third time’s a charm, or was this one re-run too many?

Gucci Bow and Crystal-Embellished Crepe Jacket
Gucci Crepe Straight-Leg Pants

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Nieves Alvarez In Elie Saab Couture – ‘Sorry Angel (Plaire, Aimer Et Courir Vite)’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Nieves Alvarez is blowing us away twice in one day during Cannes Film Festival.

Earlier she was pretty in pink. Tonight, for premiere of ‘Sorry Angel’, she’s bringing some magic to Cannes courtesy of the red carpet king Elie Saab.

It feels like a lifetime since we saw some Elie Saab Couture on the red carpet, and they don’t come much better than this Fall 2016 Couture piece.

Yes, it’s sheer. But I’m far more intrigued by the dazzling embellishments and the confident way Nieves is selling this look to me.

I believe part of the success of wearing a sheer dress is to opt for the right underwear. And she did.

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