April 29, 2020

Celebrities Love… The #PillowChallenge

Posted by Catherine Kallon

Quarantine has spawned many challenges.  The latest one to emerged is the #PillowChallenge which started on Instagram.

The challenge is quite fun, as you basically make outfits out of pillows.

Not so much a challenge, more of a lifestyle, as we are probably more connected to our pillows than ever before with all the extra sleep we’re getting.

So we are seeing people taking comfort wear to the next level, with over 266,079 submissions on the hashtag right now, and some are pretty hilarious.

Celebs have been jumping in on this challenge as well.

Anne Hathaway definitely takes home the ‘Most Creative’ prize matching her blue layered pillow with the beautiful butterfly backdrop.

She captioned the post, “A Queen is never late; everyone else is simply early.” ?, as she recreated ‘The Princess Diaries’ poster.

The only thing missing was a tiara, but I’m guessing she doesn’t have one of those lying around the house.

Unlike Anne, Halle Berry opted not to layer her pillow, so she gets the “Sass, with a side of A**’ prize for her participation, and I ain’t at all mad at it.

Go hard, or…stay under the duvet?

Sarah Michelle Gellar captioned her post “#pillowchallenge inspired by #tigerking (btw so weird to put heels on- I feel like I need to start putting them on once a week so I don’t forget how to walk in them) ? ?”

Ain’t that last part the truth? I haven’t worn heels in what feels like months.

SMG will take home the ‘Best Print’ prize.

And it’s not just Hollywood stars who have accepted the challenge, Bollywood stars have too.

Payal Rajput gets the ‘Best Use of Colour’ prize for her gorgeous yellow pillow which pops against her skin. 

Now I need a yellow pillowcase to go along with the other items I’m randomly buying during lockdown.

Payal later went on to create a dress entirely out of newspapers.

Tracee Ellis Ross was probably one of the last to jump on this trend, but she didn’t let us down.

When so many influencers were styling their looks with FF Fendi and GG Gucci belts, Tracee striped everything back from her hair, and makeup in a bid to keep her submission as natural as possible so she get the ‘au natural’ prize.

Have any of you participated in this challenge?

Credit: Instagram

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