January 24, 2020

Camilla Belle Wore Rebecca Taylor To ‘The Last Ship’ Opening Night

Camilla Belle Wore Rebecca Taylor To 'The Last Ship' Opening Night

Camilla Belle attended ‘The Last Ship’ opening night performance held at Ahmanson Theatre on Tuesday (January 22) in Los Angeles, California.

I remember in the early days of covering Camilla Belle, readers would often ask me who she was, as they hadn’t seen any of her projects.

Then, as time went on, this didn’t really matter as this is a fashion site, and she always presented impeccable style.

I can honestly say that I have loved every red carpet look from Camilla Belle. 

Until this moment.

Yes, she was at the theatre, and wanted to look smart, but I this Rebecca Taylor Fall 2019 suit as all wrong for her.

Wrong in style, as it feels too dowdy and old-fashioned for her.

Wrong in fit.  The blazer looks too big and unflattering.

It looks like a suit from a bad ’80s sitcom.

I wish I could say at least the styling is on point, but I would be lying.

Would you save anything from this look?

Or am I over exaggerating?

Vince Camuto sandals completed her look.

Rebeecca Taylor Fall 2019

Credit: Vogue.com & Getty

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