Olivia Munn In Marchesa – 2013 Oscars


Olivia Munn took to the red carpet at Sunday’s 2013 Oscars at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

Olivia looked regal in a gown from Marchesa Fall 2013.

The actress joined Salma Hayek in trying out the baroque trend for fall with a ruby-hued gown with intricate gold embroidery on the bodice of the sweetheart silhouette. I loved the delicately folded layers of red satin that so elegantly flowed into a glamorous train.

Olivia paired her dress with a beautifully simple updo in a deep side part with ruby lips.


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Salma Hayek In Alexander McQueen – 2013 Oscars

Salma Hayek In Alexander McQueen – 2013 Oscars

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  • kiwi

    I do wish this gown is worn again by someone who can carry it off better.. love it on the model

  • Joanna

    Olivia looks lovely.

    Obviously next to a pencil thin 6 foot model she’s going to look a bigger.

    Olivia is beautiful and pulls the dress off.

    Surprised at all the haters and jealous people!

    ps. She has been in movies!

  • TeaAtTwo

    It’s a dramatic dress, I wish Anne Hathaway had worn this.

  • Aline

    I didn’t like it on the model, but I quite like it on Olivia.

  • Liz

    One of my best dressed! The dress was amazing. It’s so weird that she would wear this when she didn’t present nor is she even technically a movie star. But she still looked amazing.

  • Dhppy

    The dress clearly wasn’t tailored to her. The trumpet shape at the bottom is lost. As it is, is looks as if she wrapped a sheet around a Wonder Woman costume.

  • Stel

    Too short to handle it..

  • Parvati

    This is a gorgeous dress, but I’m not crazy about it on Olivia.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Stunning gown, sitting a bit too low on her. Love the color. Wish it had sleeves.

  • Pedro

    The dress looks sooooo much better on the model!

  • Moxie

    Not a fan — the skirt looks like it was tacked on as an afterthought. And didn’t we just see Hallie Barry in something similar? And Emma Watson last year wore something similar in brown.

  • MaddyEliza

    Ugh I love this dress so much so I’m really disappointed. 🙁 She accessorised perfectly but she lacks the height and the confidence to pull it off. How sad.

  • RW

    The outfit reminds me of Halle Barry’s Oscar win dress. I never understood why people found that one amazing.

    Anyhow, she looks like a circus girl in corset who decided to wrap some curtains around her waist.

    • eliona

      Agree with both your points!

  • justme

    This is a beautiful gown. And while Olivia’s styling is perfect, something is still lacking. Maybe it’s height, maybe it’s confidence.

    It’s a shame because she could have been one of the best dressed of the night.

  • the ogre

    the beautiful voluminous pleats r all lost on her. i’m not liking it on her. fan bing bing & olivia munn have ruined two of my favorite looks from the marchesa fall 2013 collection. and these r such that u can’t wear them again! oh dear…i’m sad…

    • Rashmi

      +1. Three great dresses and ruined. 🙁
      All looked beautiful, but no one actually gave the dress the deserved royalty.

  • I do love the back view of this dress…..but this picture does make is seem as if she is too short for the dress. =(

  • George

    Is she standing on her knees?

  • Yeliz

    The gown is stunning on the model, but Olivia can’t pull this off. She lacks of height and looks overwhelmed.

    • dee


    • Sarah


  • Joy

    This dress is tough. I don’t think she pulls it off. It looks like she is shrinking into a pool of dress. She just looks too petite and not statuesque enough for this gown. I saw another picture on another site and liked it better. But in this shot this is a no go.

  • T from Sydney

    This dress is not the worst of the night *cough* Anne Hathaway*Cough* but she does not have the height or the style to pull the dress off.

  • Mandy

    She looks nice but i think it would be more impacting on an taller women. Also i’m surprised that she was given this gown to wear and not another higher profile actress.

    • Lashae


  • robert

    I absolutely hate the way she poses. She could be wearing the most beautiful dress and ruin it with that pose.

  • Christine

    Pretty girl but she cannot pull this off. Frankly, I am surprised she is wearing Marchesa and not Carolina Herrera. Also, am I the only one puzzled why she was there? LOL.

  • Rafael

    Lacks of height

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