The red carpet seen an introduction of a new hair trend recently, as celebrities are ditching the classic styles for something a bit more fun: halo braids.

The uber-girly style originally popped up on the Valentino Spring 2012 runway courtesy of Guido Palau, but it was Scarlett Johansson who kick started this recent red carpet trend at ‘The Avengers’ London premiere in April.

Florence Welch, Shirley Manson, Ariel Winter and Jenna Dewan have also recently been seen on the red carpet wearing the popular ‘do.

The trick to nailing the halo effect is to separate your hair into two braids on either side of your head.

Flip one of the braids over the crown of your hair, and pin it in place. Pull the other braid around the back of your to create the circular ‘halo’ look, and pin in place.

For an ultra romantic look, pull out a few loose tendrils and wear with a floral print or lacy dress.

Will you be sporting halo braid this summer?

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