November 30, 2020

Rita Ora Celebrates Her 30th Birthday In Saint Laurent & Maison Margiela

Rita Ora attended a birthday party held in her honour to celebrate her milestone 30th birthday at restaurant in London on Saturday (November 28).

She has since apologised for breaking lockdown rules in England in an Instagram stories post today.

It said that she made a “misguided” and “spur of the moment” decision to attend a party at a restaurant in west London on Saturday – reportedly attended by up to 30 people.

Current lockdown regulations in the UK are in force until 00:01 GMT on Wednesday and means you can only meet one other person outside.

She has paid the £10,000 fine, and I hope this hasn’t come at the cost of someone’s health.

Since you’re here for the fashion, the singer was dressed in a super shiny look which featured a Saint Laurent Spring 2017 metallic silver peplum top, with a pair of vinyl trousers from Maison Margiela.

I love the addition of the chunky jewels, but I can’t say the same about the blue and silver cat-eyes.

Credit: Instagram

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