Alexa Chung In Valentino – 2013 Brit Awards

Alexa Chung In Valentino - 2013 Brit Awards

Alexa Chung was also spotted on the red carpet at the 2013 Brit Awards, held at the O2 Arena in London this evening.

Temperatures have been slowing rising in the capital this week, which may have inspired the star to wear this Valentino embroidered belted ivory short set.

Much like Alexa’s Grammys look, its right for her style but feels wrong for the occasion – let alone the season. Plus I’m slightly baffled by the summery ensemble paired with her black Jimmy Choo ‘Agnes’ suede pumps.

Cropped pants would’ve been preferred.

Hair and makeup wise Alexa looks beautiful. I love that orange lip colour.

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16 thoughts on “Alexa Chung In Valentino – 2013 Brit Awards

  1. M

    Sigh. agreed with everything you said, FC. I long to see her in a jaw-dropping gown. She would look beautiful. There has got to be a gown out there that would fit her style and aesthetic.

  2. GGG

    I’m shocked I’m even saying this… But I love this look. I’ve never said that about anything she’s ever worn. It must be the hair/make-up. It’s divine.

  3. kane

    It’s sweet and cute, nothing special, but certainly that for me. And for once “unhealthy” and “too thin” don’t pop in my head straight away… win for me.

  4. Moxie

    Love it from the ankles up, but you’re right that it is out of season. And those shoes… what was she thinking?

  5. EmmaWoodhouse

    Hair and makeup, are, for once, great. But the awkward crossed leg pose, the odd romper-like ensemble (never a fan of shorts on the red carpet) and the mismatched pumps make it a no for me.

  6. Marybeth

    I love the make-up and hair. She looks pretty.
    The outfit is cute but very odd for a February evening. I don’t understand the shoes.

  7. rach

    It’s not really an awards ceremony ensemble is it? Maybe a luncheon or something and certainly not appropriate for the season. I really don’t get the relevance of this girl any more at all.

  8. arang

    Wow, I really love this look, but you’re right, it’s not at all appropriate for the event let alone the season.

  9. Samantha

    Cute look but terrible considering the event. It looks like something you’d wear to a picnic, and I totally agree about the shoes.

    I will say that she looks beautiful, though. I was never a huge fan but ever since she wore that oxblood look a few months back she’s been looking wonderful. Much better hair and make-up.

  10. Angie

    Never been a fan of her style. This outfit looks like a pajama, not even season or event appropriate, and the black pumps kill it off completely. The make-up is better than usual.

  11. Noemi

    The look is too Summer for my taste. Do these celebrities ever get a cold or a flu? I think she found out that wash her hair is not dangerous for her health…


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