June 12, 2024

Jodie Comer Wore Vivienne Westwood To ‘The Bikeriders’ London Premiere

Jodie Comer Wore Vivienne Westwood To 'The Bikeriders' London Premiere

Following her absence from the Australian part of this press tour, Jodie Comer joined her co-star Austin Butler for the London premiere of their new film, ‘The Bikeriders’ on Tuesday evening.

Known for her preference for quiet luxury labels like Khaite and her affinity for the colour black, Jodie surprised us in this custom Vivienne Westwood corset dress.

What made this look particularly special was its departure from Jodie’s usual style with the vibrant burgundy colour of the Vivienne Westwood dress offering a refreshing change, which might open a gateway into more colours in the future.

Considering the unusually cold summer weather in London, the choice of a more subdued, yet rich colour feels appropriate.

The iconic silhouette was beautifully complemented by Jimmy Choo sandals and earrings from Frida and Florence.

Stylist: Elizabeth Saltzman.

Credit: John Phillips/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

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