November 27, 2019

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley x Jimmy Choo ‘My Choos’ Editorial

Posted by Catherine Kallon

As part of Jimmy Choo editorial content series, IN MY CHOOS, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stars in a series of striking images entitled ‘Destination Party’featuring the Cruise 2020 collection.

Model, actress, designer and entrepreneur, Devon-born Rosie Huntington-Whiteley first burst on the fashion scene as the freshest of English roses at the tender age of 15. Scaling the industry to attain supermodel status, she’s also graced our screens and designed our jeans.

Sixteen years later, now based in LA. with Jason Statham and their young son, she’s making her mark on the world of beauty.

Here the queen of effortless glamour shares her top tips for nailing party chic, no matter what the dress code.

What was your first childhood ambition?

My first childhood ambition was to be an artist.

What was the best career advice that you’ve been given?

I received a lot of good career advice, but I think the one piece of career advice that’s always stuck with me is, It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and just one second to destroy it.

What defines a modern woman in 2019?

For me, I think it would be a woman with a clear point of view on what she wants out of life, humility and I always like to say a great sense of humour.

Are you someone who thinks about the future or are you more of a day to day girl?

I am definitely somebody that thinks about the future. In a good way.

When should one never compromise?

I think no one should ever compromise when it comes to speaking out on something that really is important to them.

What’s your most daring achievement?

I think my most daring achievement was probably deciding to set up my own business Rosie Inc. about 18 months ago. Everyday there is a new challenge and but every day is equally as rewarding. Anybody who knows what it’s like to set up a business knows that it is full of ups and downs.

What was the impetus of starting Rosie Inc.?

It was really about creating a community of people who love beauty. Beauty has been a passion of mine since I can remember and I started to observe how positively friends and followers across my social platforms responded and engaged when I shared anything that was beauty-related. I’m always being asked for tips—which products I use—and tricks from the industry. So, I really wanted to create a platform where people could come and learn, and I could share all of the things that I’ve picked up over the past 16 years as a model.

How do you overcome doubt?

I think I overcome doubt probably by having a great confidence and having a really supportive team of people around me, my friends, my family, my team that I go to work with every day. I think for me it’s probably also about taking that time to reconnect with yourself and you know figuring out you know what I feel my limitation are but also learning to kind of push myself that little bit harder.

Who are some of the women you look up to?

You know what I feel like every woman I meet there is always a great story to find inspiration from or something that everybody has that story in them that I think is inspirational and special. I find now especially being a mother that I look up to women who are mothers, who are working, who are running a home. I have a lot of respect for that and being a new mum myself, I love to hear all the stories.

Whose shoes would you like to step into for a night?

I would have to say Rihanna on stage performing for sure. I think that’s got to be the ultimate experience and I love her, love her music and love everything she stands for and I just think it’s unlike any feeling I think you could compare it to, singing to an audience and the crowd looking back at you with adoration. I would love to experience that.

Was there a moment in your childhood that you remember sparking your interest in fashion?

I would always ask my parents for magazine subscriptions for my birthday or Christmas and one of my earliest childhood memories was waiting for them to arrive every month. I can remember the excitement of knowing it would be there when I got back from school— I’d get off the school bus and race down the road. I’d then devour every page sitting in my bedroom and share it with my mum and we’d look at all the fashion stories together. It was the creativity which really inspired me, and my bedroom walls were plastered with iconic images of models and fashion campaigns.

What would you say is your golden rule to dressing up?

I usually start with my shoe and then kind of plan the outfit around that, so if I am going to dress up I usually pick a fun shoe and then maybe it’s just simple and elegant, fun, sexy, black dress.

You’ve talked about beauty being transformative would you say the saying is true for shoes?

I would definitely think for me a great shoe is so transformative, I tend to stick to pretty simple outfits, I’m inherently a jeans and t-shirt or leather pants and a great blouse girl but I always kind of take a risk and play around with shoes and I think that’s where you can add a little bit of fun, texture, colour, sparkle. I find shoes to be really transformative and particularly transformative to my mood. You’ll rarely see me in a flat, because the way I feel when I am in heels is just so empowered and I feel ready for the day in every way.

When you want to feel powerful, what sort of shoe are you stepping into?

When I want to feel powerful for sure I’m always going to pick a heel. But I think you know, for a really sexy event shoe, it will probably be something patent. Actually, I love the pair that I have on now, they are a great evening event shoe and then perhaps for work I would choose like a really beautiful leather pair of heels or boots.

What five words would you use to sum up Jimmy Choo?

I would describe Jimmy Choo as, well I always think of it as being British, I think it’s eclectic, fun, elegant and timeless.

What defines glamour to you in 2019?

For me in 2019, I think it’s glamorous when a woman can truly own her sense of self, she knows who she is, she is not afraid to take risks.

How do you like to get ready for a party?

Honestly I like to get ready for a party probably with my glam team, put on some music, maybe have a little glass of champagne and play around with just getting dressed up, playing around with the hair, the makeup the dress. For me I often find the getting ready process more fun than the actual event itself, which says a lot.

What makes a good party?

What makes a good party would be great company, great music and a great outfit.

How do you push your style and glam boundaries?

You know I just have always loved fashion so I always love to see what designers are moving to what houses, I love to see everything that is changing and shifting within the industry. So I like to sort of stay on top of that, I take a lot of inspiration from my favourite influencers on social media and I still like to pick up beautiful fashion magazines and look at the editorials, I think for me to push myself it’s probably getting ready with a friend or probably getting ready with somebody who’s style I have a lot of respect for what may push me to take that risk.

What’s your favourite party cocktail?

My favourite party cocktail would be, I do love a Moscow Mule and I do love a margarita or just a straight shot of tequila. Tequila on the rocks.

What’s your favourite holiday tradition?

My favourite holiday tradition is being with friends, being with family, I love Christmas dinner, so just that time around the table with beautiful food, great wine, good company and I genuinely really love to give gifts, so to see people’s faces when they open them up and I love to go shopping and really take time thinking about buying everybody something special.

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