Meghan Markle In Smythe & Emilia Wickstead – Anzac Day Services

A day after attending Stephen Lawrence’s memorial, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were at engagements in London on Wednesday (April 25) marking Anzac Day, which commemorates Australian and New Zealand military servicemen and women who have died in service.

Those who may have been calling for a hat and sleeves from Meghan’s prior memorial look may appreciate this duo of conservative ensembles, each styled with a remembrance poppy pin.

For the first look at the dawn service, she wore a Smythe ‘Pagoda’ coat paired with Sarah Flint ‘Jay’ pumps and a black Gucci ‘Dionysus’ velvet mini bag. The double-breasted design and double-flap pocket detail of the coat as well as her wide-brim hat added some spirited personality to the look.

Opting for one of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s go-to designers, Meghan donned a bespoke Emilia Wickstead blazer and dress for the second service at Westminster Abbey.

The vintage-inspired nature of this ladylike look was quite charming—even amidst its more solemn, dark mood. To add just a touch of sass, she accessorised with a Philip Treacy ‘Dragonfly’ beret. Another pair of pumps—black suede Manolo Blahnik BB heels this time around—along with a Jimmy Choo ‘J Box’ clutch completed the ensemble in classic form.

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29 Responses to Meghan Markle In Smythe & Emilia Wickstead – Anzac Day Services

  1. J April 26, 2018 at 15:19 #

    I wonder if these clothes were picked out months ago? She’s lost weight (I hope it’s just from pre-wedding stress) and drowning in all her clothes. I’d like the black dress if it actually fit.

  2. Original Meme April 26, 2018 at 12:39 #

    Covet the grey coat. Gorgeous. I’d like the black suit to be knee length, it’s just too long. She’s got great style.

  3. SilentVisitor April 26, 2018 at 12:08 #

    No to both; they are boring despite the occasions……the worst thing is happening; she is turning into another Kate Middleton.

    The Emilia dress is especially dreadful; the length is particularly terrible.

    Neck up, she looks great

    • brat April 26, 2018 at 14:48 #


  4. Saudin April 26, 2018 at 11:33 #

    Melania Trump’s all white look with the hat that she wore in her official visit in France is better than anything this girl and Kate M have worn, and yet her look was not covered here. I don’t get the obsession with the British Royal family, it’s the same coat dreses or whatever, over and over…..

    • Mimi April 26, 2018 at 12:04 #

      I loved that outfit! It was so chic. She has many great outfits. However, I don’t think she can be discussed on fashion sites without the discussion getting political, so sadly it’s probably for the best. They’ve tried covering her here before, and that’s exactly what happened. I’ve seen it happen on fashion pages on social media, too.

    • LeeAnn April 26, 2018 at 12:09 #

      I love what Melania wore but sadly it always turned political which is why every site I know doesn’t cover her . Shame .

      • Catherine Kallon April 26, 2018 at 13:00 #

        I would’ve loved to have covered it as it was such a huge fashion moment from her. But for the reasons you mentioned there’s too much drama involved

        • Saudin April 26, 2018 at 22:19 #

          This is a website that is dedicated to fashion. We criticize what the person wears, not their life choices or their spouses…. If someone can’t deal with that, than they don’t get the purpose of this website. I, and I am sure many others would love to see Melania’s looks being included on this website, because I personally think she is doing a great job in the fashion department…. I don’t know, maybe think about it… Maybe you will change your mind…. just like I opened “The Great Kardashian Debate” …..

          • Evangeline April 27, 2018 at 07:08 #

            I concur.. and I would love to see Melania included. The catwalkitalia on IG has 2.5 million followers and covers Melania Trump along with anyone else worthy of fashion coverage. Refuses to be bulled by the usual suspects who immediately start talking about her husband. Majority of her followers are reasonably minded and applaud her decision to include Melania as she is FLOTUS and her style is most worthy of praise and adulation.

            • Mimi April 28, 2018 at 19:35 #

              I love that account! I’m happy she doesn’t let all the negative comments stop her from posting!

      • Lancel April 26, 2018 at 15:06 #

        omg yes, Melania looked amazing in the all-white outfit. I personally love almost everything she wears. I don’t care about the drama in the comment section. People are free to say whatever they want. Sadly, it becomes the opposite of democratic not to be free to post sth… Anyway, I would love to see posts about her outfits.

    • brat April 26, 2018 at 14:54 #

      OMG! Melania’s all-white is better than most anything ANYONE has worn all year! H2T perfection! Catherine doesn’t have to respond to political commentary. Most of us are just here for the fashion. If people can’t foaming at the mouth long enough to appreciate it the rest of us shouldn’t have to suffer for it. I want to see Melania covered, she is most worthy of style accolades. I feel a certain type of way actually that she isn’t here as it’s one of my favorite sites. A fashion blog on IG just did a Meghan/Melania comparison with the two cape outfits they recently wore and with 20,000 likes and comments Melania is winning. Somewhere, women are able to discuss her style w/o talking about her husband.

    • J April 26, 2018 at 15:20 #

      Melania’s white ensemble was perfection.

  5. Maria F. April 26, 2018 at 10:49 #

    I am not a fan of the grey coat, the colour is so drab. A darker grey might have worked better.

    And the second look is chic, love the hat, but i agree with some fellow posters, that the tailoring is off.

  6. LeeAnn April 26, 2018 at 09:49 #

    I always want to like Emilia Wickstead but her tailoring as we can see here is dreadful . It’s lumpy – the only thing worse than her skirts are her trousers. She is from New Zealand so maybe that is why Meghan wore the brand . I hope this is a one off.
    The only positive is she didn’t wear a bloody fascinator.
    I understand why she needed to tone it down on this occasion but in order to maintain chic the tailoring has got to be impeccable . It isn’t here so she looks dull.

    • SilentVisitor April 26, 2018 at 12:09 #


  7. Alina April 26, 2018 at 06:03 #

    She’s nailing this modern royal dressing thing.

  8. brat April 26, 2018 at 04:00 #

    Mediocrity at it’s finest. The first is nice but nothing better than the Duchess of Cambridge usually offers. The second is hideous. The length is wrong on her, she needs a tailor badly, I saw it from multiple angles and she’s swimming in it. She started out as a modern alternative to Kate Middleton. Her boring, old-lady “court” shoes started her decline and these offerings are cementing it. Her “style” status is fast becoming very overrated. Her accessories at the Queen’s birthday celebrations were God-awful and I suspect those who keep lauding her are fan-girls. They like Meghan and the idea of her, objectivity on style be damned.

    • JessNess April 26, 2018 at 08:38 #

      I agree. She is slowly morphing into Kate Middleton. The closer it gets to her wedding day, the more boring her style becomes.

      • brat April 27, 2018 at 07:24 #

        it’s like i have to wait till her wedding day to see her break out the big guns and wear something fabulous.

    • james April 26, 2018 at 09:13 #

      I have to agree. I love her bags though. I don’t understand why they don’t respect her personal style as it fits her and her body type. She is drowing in those granny clothes 🙁

    • AnnaP May 12, 2018 at 23:15 #

      Your comments are odious in the extreme. I see you on every MM post with your ludicrous criticisms. It darkens this wonderful blog.

  9. Fee April 26, 2018 at 02:10 #

    I think these are great choices, this is not the type of event to be making a bold fashion statement. Classic and understated fit the occassion.

  10. VG April 26, 2018 at 01:59 #

    Both of these are very nice and very chic! I’ve been enjoying her style lately and I’m glad she quickly got out of the flared/over-sized coat phase.

    • VG April 26, 2018 at 02:13 #

      *flared pants

  11. JHH April 26, 2018 at 01:51 #

    Both looks are event appropriate and she looks good but neither look wows me.

  12. Lashae April 26, 2018 at 01:45 #

    I love both looks especially the coat, it’s gorgeous

    • Mimi April 26, 2018 at 03:28 #


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