Emma Stone In Lanvin – ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise Of Electro’ Paris Premiere

Emma Stone In Lanvin - 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2Rise Of Electro' Paris Premiere

Emma Stone was radiant once again on the red carpet this evening (April 11) for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise Of Electro’ premiere in Paris, France.

Opting to wear a Parisian brand, she turned to one of her favourites: Lanvin.

The beautiful actress selected a Fall 2014 black strapless faux-leather dress accented with a military style belt which gives the look an edge without losing any of the sensuality of the simple, draped design.

I’m not totally 100% on board with the ankle strap Lanvin pumps (I would say about 47%), but everything else from the updo to the makeup is flawless.

We’ve been so excited about this promo tour for such a long time, that I’m delighted to see Emma meet and exceed our expectations.

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  • Annabelle

    How amazing would this look have been with an orchid-coloured lip????

    I love the dress, I agree that I’m not completely on board with the shoes though.

  • Prudence

    The only good thing here is the hair and makeup.

  • Eri

    The shoes are too heavy for the heavy dress. I would have opted for a red strappy pair that matches her lip colour. Other than that I think she pulls off this look. Still the Versace canalia yellow number is the best and the only memorable look so far.. Hope she will bring more mind-blowing, “wow” looks!

  • lahhh

    that gucci look she wore for the french premiere of the first amazing spider-man film was better than this. those shoes kill what could of been a pretty awesome look

  • Christine

    This reminds me of a trash bag. Love her hair and makeup again.

    • Dean

      Agreed. I think it’s a bad dress in general, and her styling didn’t help it.

  • k6wing

    always look lovely in Lanvin

  • celine

    i loved this dress on the runway but i don’t think Emma has the statuesque presence to carry this off. I much prefer seeing the leg in the slit and the hair back adds to the attitude.
    its unfortunate for emma that she had follow up Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson with expectations from last Spiderman’s press tour. So far, I haven’t been impressed at all.
    Yes the Versace was pretty but its Emma Stone. As seen here, she’s wearing a trash bag and still looking pretty!

  • Rebecca Z

    I much prefer the yellow gown to this. I am not wild about the foundation makeup–either for this look for for the yellow Versace–the makeup is too heavy and it is washing her out. Where’s her glow?

  • Anne Gallagher

    I like the dress, but hate the shoes.

  • Dhppy

    This looks more suited to a Batman tour.

  • Marcel

    I absolutely LOVE how skinny she is now ! The collar bones and shoulders protruding under the skin.
    Hair and make up are great.
    The dress is HORRENDOUS.It is more like a glamorized butcher’s apron. I am surprised Albert Elbaz could put something so hideous on the catwalk.

    • Malinda Jane

      This comment about how thin she is really concerns me…

    • Lori

      disturbs me too. She is too skinny, it makes her face less interesting, not to mention her body.

    • justme

      I really hope the first part of your comment is sarcasm.
      Emma has been seriously underweight for awhile now, especially if you compare it to how she used to look in her “Easy A” days.

  • Lori

    I cannot imagine a better shoe with this look, and I love the whole look. Both this look and the Versace need to be BDOTW!

  • dee

    Not crazy about this.

  • Susan

    I love the shoes. I don’t love the dress but it is interesting.

  • Fer

    I can imagine how much this dress costs!, that leather makes me want to touch it hahaha, it looks so soft!!.

    well enough with my crazyness, I adore the look ankles up. Those shoes are horrible, I can picture how perfect this look would be with a pair of killer black Giuseppe Zanotti’s or even a simple casadei blade black pump.

  • Pedro

    She looks fantastic!

    I love it

  • pinksugar

    Looks too much like a trash bag for me. The dress is wearing her. And the shoes are terrible. At least yesterday’s gown was good enough to make me forget this one.

    • JJ

      ITA. Garbage bag was the first thing I thought.

  • J

    I don’t think she pulls this off at all and the shoes are terrible. Ballerina and bondage aren’t mixing.

    She needed a studded, strappy sandal to get closer to the mark… but even then, the dress would still be all sorts of wrong on her.

    Someone like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Connelly might have better luck.

    • kane

      I agree: no to the shoes and she’s not selling this. Hair and make up look great.

    • gabis

      Totallly agree. I only like her hair and makeup here. All else is a big miss.

    • Lashae

      ia. She needs to look more sexy instead of too cute for this outfit.

    • rebecca o

      ITA. Emma doesn’t have the edginess to pull off this look.

  • Yeliz

    I’m not wowed and actually I don’t love the dress, but she pulls it off. I’m not sure about the shoes though. Hair and makeup are perfection.

    • Mandy


    • Inge


  • Anne

    I think I love this…. maybe? It’s like glamorous biker/dominatrix chic. I do like the shoes, as they ankle strap fits in with that dominatrix/bondage feel of the dress. I do wish the bow wasn’t right on top of her left foot. The bow on the side works better for me.

    Polar opposite from the exquisite Versace of yesterday, but this is imaginative

  • dedel

    I really like her “dark side” , like we saw at the Parisian premiere of “The amazing spider-man” in 2012. But like you FC, I’m not too in love with the shoes. Everything else is perfect.

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