Cate Blanchett In Christian Dior Couture – ‘Blue Jasmine’ Deauville American Film Festival Premiere

Cate Blanchett In Christian Dior Couture - 'Blue Jasmine' Deauville American Film Festival Premiere

Cate Blanchett attended the premiere of ‘Blue Jasmine’ held during the 2013 Deauville American Film Festival in Deauville, France on Saturday evening.

This is Cate’s second red carpet appearance wearing a look from the Fall 2013 Couture collections, following the opening ceremony on Friday evening.

On this occasion she selected an exquisite Christian Dior gown with colourful embroidered details.

As beautiful as the gown is, I did have some issues with it.

Firstly, it didn’t photograph all that well in a few pictures. This leads me to my second issue, which is that the gown may have been just an inch or two too long.

On the model the gown barely touches the ground, preventing it from looking like a tent on her.

Is this nearly perfect for you? Or does Cate blow you away in this gown?

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70 thoughts on “Cate Blanchett In Christian Dior Couture – ‘Blue Jasmine’ Deauville American Film Festival Premiere

  1. Martin

    The dress is too big, too wide and too unwieldy for me. Even though I don’t like the dress, there is a precision to it on the runway that is lacking here.

    Cate herself does looks gorgeous in it though. And once again she has taken a risk on a gown that no other celebrity would approach with a ten foot pole. Kudos to her for that. If anything, this dress suggests that this year’s awards season will probably be the most interesting in some time.

    1. Cookie

      ITA. The infrequent odd (but still interesting) choice from Cate is still better than the cookie-cutter style we get from everybody else.

      1. Christine

        Agreed. I see where she is going but this gown is way too big and wide but the act that she chose this is admiration in itself.

  2. ramsay

    I am absolutely blown away
    but the dress itself
    but Cate’s natural poise and grace
    but mostly but her boldness
    That Blue Jasmine promo tour is this year’s best

      1. julyol1972

        Agree! I think this dress is amazing, and Cate looks stunning in it. Her carriage and confidence elevates the dress to an insane level. On anyone else, this would have would have been incredibly overwhelming and sack-like.

        This will definitely be a marmite dress, as FC would say.

  3. Mandy

    To be perfectly honest i hated almost every look from the Dior Couture collection. I think Cate is selling this look as best as she can, its very impactful but i wished she had picked a different gown.

    1. KatieKate

      I had NO love for this collection either, but Cate the Great does work her magic in this gown. Although I have issues with it, (e.g. length), I’m still enamored by the overall presentation.

  4. shontay

    I absolutely love this. A tad too long, but otherwise perfect. Of course, the Cate look that I love is met with a meh from most.

  5. Dean

    Big no from me, too. The pattern I feel is kind of tacky and it’s shapeless. I think we’ll look back on it and wonder what she was thinking.

    1. Yeliz

      Totally agree. The shapelessness is my main problem. I dislike this gown a lot, but it wouldn’t have looked good on anyone to be honest.

  6. Vince

    My LEAST favorite look from Cate’s promo tour by far. Honesty, whatever from Raf’s Dior or Saint Laurent Paris makes me sick.

  7. Rebecca Z

    I really like the dress but agree it would have looked better on her an inch or two shorter–I am guessing she would have had to wear platforms because it must be very tough to shorten with all those embroidered rosettes. She is so classy and gorgeous!

  8. TL

    A big no. Cate herself is gorgeous and classy, but the dress is too long/ too big, and makes her look bulky. Also, I was dazzled by the pattern…

  9. Alma

    After seeing that our first look at the Ellie Saab Fall 2013 Couture collection on Dakota looks exactly the same as any other Ellie Saab look: beautiful, but safe, I appreciate even more the slightly edgier choices Cate has made recently. She looks positively regal, but with a touch of quirk.

  10. G

    This dress is just ugly IMO, from the pattern to the shapeless design. It makes her look pregnant. I have to say that Cate herself still looks beautiful and probably everyone else would have looked even worse in this dress.

  11. Jai

    I love this, but I agree, a tad too long. Still, that would be a very comfortable rc dress to wear – imagine you could really enjoy any 3 course meal they may serve!

  12. Pablo

    Thanks to Cate’s poise she can barely make this mess work. The dress is horrible and the fit is terrible (that visible bra strap was just the icing on the disaster cake).

    Having said that, I’ll always take a bad day from Cate before an ordinary outing from anyone else. I’m still waiting for her to blow me away, and I’m confident she will.

  13. rita

    If she were pregnant, I would have loved it but since she’s not she has no excuses to be wearing this potato sack. Still my favorite actress though lol! She hasn’t impressed in a very long time fashionwise,and she also needs to avoid anything close to her pale complexion because she completely disappears on the RC!

  14. naomie

    I L-O-V-E that we can see wrinkles on the face of a famous 44-years-old actress, who looks beautiful with them, who can smile and have facial expressions that look natural and normal.
    Enough with the worship of youth, hooray for natural aging.

  15. Paulyne

    I don’t really like it. She looks good in it , but i don’t like the dress.

    FC, are you going to feature Ksenia Rappoport and Anna Safroncik in Alberta Ferretti Srping 13 and Judi Dench at the Philomenia premiere?

  16. Namel

    The dress looks beautiful but it should be a little shorter and more narrow. This is one of her mediocre efforts but at least she isn’t boring.

  17. shap_half

    Oy. This dress is rough. Cate always makes such fabulously interesting fashion choices, but I found this promo tour hit or miss.

  18. Marybeth

    My first reaction was that she had stolen my Granny Square blanket! (That is an old, popular crochet pattern where you make many colorful rounds and then link them together with rows of black yarn.) Yikes!

    I don’t like the dress on the model but it’s even worse on Cate. They obviously shortened the straps, hiking the dress up so that it billows right under the bust. This gives too much of a maternity look— and yet it is still too long.

    Ah well. She looks wonderful from the neck up!

  19. Leo

    Dior has been a mess since Raf Simons came in but this just takes to a new level of ugly. This dress is terrible, and Cate is such a queen of the red carpet but even she can’t make this work. Worst dressed of the year? Burn the dress!

  20. Charlotte

    Now this the Cate I know and love. I love this dress a great deal, it is not only different but also very pretty even if it’s a little long on her. I think the biggest problem the dress has is that does not translate well into pictures but in motion it is truly stunning. BDOTW worthy for me.

  21. Prudence

    This is a complete disaster. Cate has always been a fave of mine because she takes risk but lately, her risks have been completely ridiculous. This 100% looks like a tent. Her beauty, poise and whatever other nice thing we can say about her does not change that. I think she has officially lost her mojo, she is consistently wearing these risky but awful and unflattering dresses.

  22. Laura

    This won’t go down in history as one of Cate’s best but i just love her daring attitude to red carpet dressing. She is totally working this voluminous dress.

    It reminds me of the crochet Romance was born dress she wore in Sydney a few years ago.

  23. manja

    it’s too big and too long,so unfortunatly more tent like then on the model.interesting choice but not fitted properly

  24. Denise

    An other NO for me. Too long, too big, can’t find anything interesting in it. This promo tour was a huge disappointment for me. Instead of giving us BDOTY looks it gave WDOTY looks. I can’t wait for it to end or provide at least one look worth remembering.

  25. Kathy

    Anyone else think the dress looks like it has Boy Scout badges stamped all over it? The runway model pulls it off, but Cate isn’t selling it. This dress needed a certain severity and a very specific pose/stance so as not to look like a maternity garment.

  26. Derro

    I love this. So much more wonderful than the Elie Saab mess Dakota wore. Thank you Cate for bringing FASHION to the red carpet.

  27. Valley of the dolls

    I like this dress on the runway but I love it on her. It is perfectly suited to her style and working the hell out of this dress. One of my favorites of the year for sure!

  28. Delia

    Gorgeous, even with the dress being very shapeless she wears it so well that I cannot help but love this on her (and only on her,lol). I’m obsessed with it.

  29. roz

    l like the dress i love full dresses like that but the print is all wrong if it was a one color it would be so pretty.


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