April 27, 2020

Celebrities Love.. Avenue the Label

During this time sales of loungewear has spiked, but these celebrities are sharing a love for a new brand Avenue the Label.

The brand was conceived and designed by best friends, Jessie Shand and Gab Weinstock in Sydney, Australia, who had a vision to create contemporary, luxurious headwear that spoke to the modern woman.

Their designers’ distinctive aesthetic is deeply rooted by the strong women around them, and it also identifies with the sophisticated woman, quietly confident and fiercely feminine in spirit, so I’m not surprised to see Kate Hudson, Suki Watherhouse and Emma Roberts celebrating this brand on their Instagram.

Emma Roberts’ Sea New York ‘Luna’ maxi dress was plenty summery on account of its yellow hue alone, but her Avenue ‘Estelle’ Fedora, which is a classic style that beloved by the likes of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex because it’s both functional and stylish, only served to amp up the summery mood.

When you’re on lockdown, what better place to enjoy the great weather than your garden?

A makeup free Kate Hudson also rocked the Avenue ‘Estelle’ Fedora in an Instagram Live video while showing her followers how to create a non-medical mask with a bandana.

Suki Waterhouse showcased the Avenue ‘Greta’ Sunhat in a post on her Instagram.

The pull-through scarf in this woven headpiece adds a Parisian touch to an otherwise simple, yet oversized straw hat.

Summer 2019 saw the oversized straw hat as the must-have accessory of the season, and it looks like Suki is trying to bring it back for 2020.

Something tells me she was trying to channel her inner Grace Kelly in ‘To Catch a Thief.’

Credit: Instagram

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