‘After Earth’ New York Premiere

'After Earth' Premiere At Ziegfeld Theatre

The entire Smith family were out in full force to celebrate the ‘After Earth’ premiere starring Jaden Smith and Will Smith, which was held at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City yesterday evening.

Trey and Jaden opted for all-black and all-white suits respectively, while Will opted for a bright-red three-piece suit with a white-shirt-black-tie combo.

Jaden looked uber cool; not many could pull off an all-white look. Trey looked very dapper, while Will’s look doesn’t work for me. It’s the styling which lets him down, as other men have worn red suits before with greater success.

As for the ladies, Willow continues to tone things down, keeping things simple wearing a black-and-white collared jumpsuit, while Jada, like Will, opted for something more colourful, wearing a Blumarine Fall 2013 floral mini dress with a petal shaped skirt which she styled with a pink Jimmy Choo clutch and red-and-white Alaia suede-and-stingray caged strappy sandals.



You can buy Jada’s Alaia sandals from Browns Fashion.

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  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Trey is the best of the guys; Jaden looks like a Bieber knockoff, and Will looks like he’s trying too hard. Red doesn’t work for him. Willow looks better than usual but too mature; perhaps she and Jada should have switched looks? Jada’s dress would be beautiful longer. Those sandals are too OTT for me.

  • Fashion Guru

    When I look at the Smith’s, I see a stylist working hard to earn her keep. They look wonderful, but none of it ever looks organic or innate.

  • Rebecca Z

    They certainly all have their own sense of style, don’t they?

  • Dhppy

    Overally, everyone looks great, but Jada’s shoes are competing with her dress rather than enhancing it.

    • Dhppy

      That was supposed to be “overall”. I don’t know where that final “y” came from.

  • Christine

    I love Jada’s look. Gorgeous from H2T!

    Jaden is rocking that white suit! I can see this up for BDMOTW!

    Willow looks cute and Trey.

  • dunzoo

    Like Jada’s dress, although it’s too cutesy for her.

  • dee

    I think they all look pretty good. I love Jada’s lighter hair color.

  • Shalini Lahiri

    I like Willow the best- chic and elegant,and I think she managed to upstage her mom too, who is well dressed almost all the time. The family looks cute too! 🙂 I am so happy Willow has upgraded from her all-over-the-place style to something so refined. 🙂

    • Pene


  • Molly

    Can’t believe these words, but Willow looks fabulous. Chic and tasteful. I do not see how that dress is at all right for Jada. It just doesn’t suit her personality at all – but the shoes do! I think if she had opted for something bolder and less airy and twee the shoes have the potential to be show stoppers.

    • Marybeth

      My thoughts exactly! Willow looks sharp!
      And Jada should have kept the shoes and ditched the cute dress for something more sophisticated.

  • noo

    jaden looks fantastic. he’s my favorite of the bunch

  • Yeliz

    Love Jada’s whole look and Will is my favourite from the guys.

  • Nat

    Love Jada’s shoes, but I’m not sure they work well with her dress.
    Actually, I’m not sure I can imagine a dress they would work well with, so maybe it’s just one of those pair of shoes that are totally AWSOME as an object, but not really usable in real life?

    It’s sort of cute that everyone is colour-coordinated.

  • Lashae

    Everyone looks nice including Will. I’ll probably be in minority but I like the red suit on Will. It really fits him and his personality.

    • vicky


      The only thing I like to change is chop of the top three straps on Jada’s shoes so they’d be sandals instead of boot-sandals. They cut of her legs as it is.

      I’d rather have something colorful and refreshing than the boring dark suits men keep dressing in.
      Luckily these days they really have upped their game (Gosling/Cooper/Redmayne/Quinto especially) and men’s fashion is getting better for each year.

    • Prudence

      agreed! will looks fabulous, he always wears interesting suites. Also, jada continues to kill it, im loving her look! The entire family is killing it in general! Adopt me!!

    • TeaAtTwo

      I agree, I much prefer Will’s red look suit than the all the other guys in the link on the post.
      I also agree with Vicky about how Jada’s shoes would nicer if they didn’t go up the leg.

      • Katharina


      • Parvati

        I totally agree!

  • Alicat

    The three kids look great. Both adults look awful. The red suit is loud and tasteless. The dress is fussy enough, and teamed with those leg stumpifying shoes, her look is over the top. Some simple, elegant pumps or sandals could have saved this look. On the other hand, Will Smith’s suit is unsalvageable.

    • angie

      I agree. Plus what did she do to her usually beautiful face. She got cheek injections or something which a messed up her face. Makes Jada look like she was in a car accident and had facial reconstruction. She has so much money she doesn’t know what to do with her stupid self.

  • Rashmi

    Like Jaden and Trey the most followed by Willow. Will should have either kept it black or white, mixing both ruined it.
    As for Jada, I like the Bluemarine dress but sadly not on her 🙁 Even the styling is a let down. The hair is a downer too.

  • Joy

    Love’n Jada’s dress & shoes! She looks really great!

    • noo

      +1 i think she looks awesome!

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