'The Hangover III' London Premiere Menswear Round Up

The wolf pack showed up at The Empire Cinema in London for the UK premiere of ‘The Hangover III’ on Wednesday. Most of the suits and accents featured shades of blue, but some of the men wore them better than others.

Bradley Cooper: In a Ferragamo custom-made navy three-piece suit, Bradley stunned. Shorter pants would have made this an absolutely impeccable look, though the fit of the waistcoat and jacket, along with the french-cuff shirt and patterned tie, looked so great the pants aren’t even that noticeable.

Zach Galifianakis: The comedian had the right idea with a plaid-patterned suit, but it all just fit so poorly. The waistcoat was a size too small and the pants too long. I’m not a big fan of such hefty boots on the red carpet in the summer either. I like the pale-orange shirt, though.

Justin Bartha: Pinstripes signify power and Justin wore them well in an Etro grey shadow-stripe suit. He did some good pattern mixing in this outfit, combining stripes with a grey-and-blue square-pattern shirt and a paisley tie. He also added a colorful pocket square. This was my favourite look due to the bold pattern mixing.

'The Hangover III' London Premiere Menswear Round Up 2

Ed Helms: A navy three-piece suit was the choice for Ed. Under the notch-lapel suit he stuck to the blue hues, in a light-blue gingham shirt and a light-blue floral tie. Not a great fit, but not a terrible one either. I did expect a little better from Ed, though.

Ken Jeong: Keeping it simple, Ken wore a black suit with a white shirt and black necktie. The jacket of the suit looked slightly long on his body, making him seem a bit shorter than he already is. Long pants don’t help either.

Credit: Getty