Araya A. Hargate In Zac Posen – ‘Cleopatra’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Araya A Hargate In Zac Posen - 'Cleopatra' Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Araya A. Hargate made a fairy tale-like entrance onto the red carpet this evening for the ‘Cleopatra’ Cannes Film Festival premiere.

The Thai-British actress and model looked like princess wearing a Zac Posen Spring 2013 gown, which I’m sure Fan Bingbing and Zhang Yuqi are kicking themselves that they didn’t get their hands on first.

Araya’s green gown featuring a satin bodice and tons of tulle skirt was further dramatized with cat-eye makeup.

Simple styling, as a gown like this speaks for itself, included silver earrings, a Devi Kroell clutch and a sweeping updo.

While I like the dramatic nature of this look, after all this is what Cannes is about, I really wish the satin part of the dress didn’t fall any further than her hips. That trailing piece really puts me off loving this look.

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  • Ting Ting

    Araya looks great but the satin looks wried !!

  • Nathee

    Araya Beautiful.

  • loxonin

    Araya looks really gorgeous. She put her earrings-jewelry instead of a necklace, Looks difference with super model. Compatible with bracelets and evening handbag.

  • Dress itself and color is stunning! The actress is not bad in that dress, works on her figure variations. Fine. Works “almost” on her skin/eyes/hair context, up to the point that some things are missing: the hair not done enough for the elegance of the dress, looks like the chignon of a school girl not the chignon of an glamorous actress. The make-up, something does not harmonize with the dress. A necklace or a wrap is missing, and she is too open with that dress, too much to reveal for a festival. So her stylist did half job here.

  • FocusMOM

    She is so beautiful like a princess, Araya!

  • Saovalak krusakul


  • Wisanlaya

    if you see another picture this dress have weird crease and the color doesn’t support the dress as much i think white or gold is better

    but Hargate is beautiful and the makeup is stunning

  • Orawan

    She look great !!!!!

  • Nisa

    dress design weird, but she look so pretty on it

  • Putthawong

    What a beautiful girl!!!! I really like Araya in this look because she look like a princess in mythology. She is a beautiful actress and she are always beautiful in every dress when she got dressed. ^_^

  • She look great and very beautyfull. I love her. Araya <3

  • Natalie

    I like the contrast between her tulle skirt and the red carpet. But I have to say the satin part has ruined everything else.

  • Kik Boonya

    What even thay say! Thats just thier opinion! All kind of her its matched! Look likes princess! Really love this look then the original model! 🙂

  • Brit

    Gorgeous, except the weird satin part. I especially love her hair, looks kind of natural to me.

  • So

    loving this look! she’s very pretty, the dress looks amazing as well

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    I LOVE the sea-green color and fun drama of this look. The tulle skirt is a dream! What’s bothering me (and keeping me from giving this a thumbs-up) is the strange satin part that’s ruining the skirt. Not liking that AT ALL.

  • Sea

    I think , it s another kind of fashion ,, kind of dramatic ,, show the sensatual ,, Lastly,, in my opinion,,the girl sometimes want to be Cinderella.

  • Ariel

    Bad dress and colors! The middle panel reminds me of the costumes of the gang in the film “A Clockwork Orange”, inspirated by the cricket-players costume, but with the jockstrap on top.

  • Nene

    Though the satin in the middle is kinda ugly, Araya’s beauty covered everything.
    Love her doll face

  • june4

    very dramatic but i think she carries it pretty well

  • Alicat

    As has been said many times above, the strange satin panel at the front is superfluous and ugly. Even without it , this dress is just too “and Cinderella went to the ball”. The green is its only redeeming feature. At least it is not lolly pink!

  • Lauren

    honestly, I’m glad Fan Bingbing and Zhang Yuqi did not wear this. cuz, i’m so sorry to say this, but the dress is horrendously ugly…………

  • Sharon

    I don’t care for this gown. It makes me think of Scarlett O’Hara waiting for the dress that covers her corset and underskirt.

  • Rebecca Z

    Not liking this. Looks really amateurish and made by someone who does not understand female anatomy–maybe that’s it–maybe it was made for a cross dresser.

  • Dhppy

    This gown practically places a bullseye on the nether regions. Not exactly every woman’s dream. The color of the tulle is also unfortunate.

  • Christina

    WOW! What a pop! Loving the originality of this dress. It go against the norm, and I’m enjoying it! The color is lovely as well.

  • gabis

    The dress is hideous both on and off the runway. In regards to the styling, I prefer the model’s. The emerald necklace is fantastic and the sleek hair is a great counterbalance to the drama of the dress.

  • Aline

    LOVE it! BDOTD!

  • ade


  • Saosao

    What’s happening to Cannes this year? Is there an agreement to keep it less dramatic and glamorous or something? Cause everyday I’m thinking it’s going to be better but even the A-list celebs are not doing this film festival any justice.. What’s happening? Financial crisis maybe?

    I’m still waiting for someone one to show up in the dresses you’ve wished to see on there. Your wish list should be published 1 week earlier so they’ll know what everyone expect to see. That is, very glamorous and high expectations! I’m frustrated, but there’s still hope. Diane really spoiled us last year.

    Thanks a lot for covering every event, sometimes I wonder if you don’t ever get stressed for doing this. It’s impressive and very much appreciated. ^_^

    • Catherine Kallon

      thank you…i only get stressed if I don’t know a gown 🙂

  • Danielle

    The satin piece looks like the bottom part of a body suit that is not snapped up.

  • Lola

    The colour is fantastic the dress is dramatic without being too glitzy. She looks sensational. The satin thingy is a little disturbing…

  • Yeliz

    This is a Cannes-appropriate, dramatic look, but I’m not loving it. I didn’t like this gown on the red carpet and I’m not liking it on Araya either. From the neck up, she looks beautiful.

    • Christine

      I agree on all counts. The dress looks so cheap.

  • Shara

    I don’t like this at all, this gown is positively hideous in my opinion…

    • GGG

      I agree – HATE!

  • Nat39

    Really dislike the design of the bodice, it’s awfully tacky and brings the look down for me.

  • Moxie

    A hot mess. The piece of satin going down the middle is distracting. And the color tulle is just off enough that it is clashing with the satin. Fan Bingbing and Zhang Yuqi could not have saved this look.

    • sara

      I completely agree, the satin in the middle looks awful and the color of the tulle is really bad! Waist up, the bodice is fine (although I don’t like that color either) and she looks beautiful w her hair and make-up but the overall look does not work.

    • Prudence

      that satin in the middle is so distracting…like wtf was he thinking. This could have been an amazing moment at cannes.

  • dee

    I only like the color of the gown.

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