Nieves Alvarez In Ralph & Russo Couture – ‘Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian)’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Nieves Alvarez In  Ralph & Russo Couture -  ‘Jimmy P (Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian)’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Let’s be honest, Cannes has been a little lacking in the wow department this year.

I have been waiting for a gown would lift me up and knock me off my feet, and it was Nieves Alvarez who has finally given me that magic moment.

The supermodel and Solo Moda host looked sensational taking to the red carpet at the Grand Théâtre Lumière in France for the ‘Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian)’ premiere this evening.
She wore a custom Ralph & Russo Couture raspberry gown which exudes old Hollywood glamour.

The unique strapless fitted gown has a spectacular gazaar bustle which starts from a rose-gold plated detail from her hip and snakes around to the back to form a train.

Gold accessories including a Christian Louboutin clutch, sandals and Chopard jewels styled her look along with flawless makeup and side-swept tresses.

This is the kind of brilliance which makes Cannes so special. I’m so glad that I finally have a truly memorable BDOTY moment.

All hail the Queen of Cannes.

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49 thoughts on “Nieves Alvarez In Ralph & Russo Couture – ‘Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian)’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

  1. EmmaWoodhouse

    Actually I’ve had a few BDOTY worthy looks–Fan in her yellow Elie Saab, Sonam in D & G, but this is a welcome dose of drama!!! The look is unusual, and may take some warming up to for some, but I’m really enjoying the OTT hip detail, rich fresh color, and her confident pose!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let Nieves have more appearances at the fest! :)

    1. Jessica L

      But Fan’s yellow look was just a carbon copy of the Elie Saab gown she wore to the Elton John party.

      All those Elie Saab gowns roll into one big boring ball of sequins and lack originality

      1. Mandy

        I agree about the yellow Elie Saab but this gown on Nieves is very deserving of a BDOTY nomination. The colour is gorgeous and dramatic.

      2. EmmaWoodhouse

        That pink dress at the Elton John party would have been BDOTY-worthy for me but the bodice was rather a wardrobe malfunction. Now, when I see the dress perfectly executed in yellow (always one of my favorite colors), I’m very excited.
        I’m a big fan of Elie Saab, and I don’t find his designs boring or unoriginal…they’re very timeless, imo, with the most beautiful craftsmanship. Not everyone has to agree, of course. But that’s my opinion!
        However, I also appreciate gowns like Nieves’ here. Such sleek, almost futuristic drama!

        1. Jess2

          Amen to that! I will never get over Elie Saab! Fan in yellow is a BDOTY contender for me too :D

  2. j

    Eh, I’m not really feeling it. It might just be the lack of contrast between her dress and the carpet, but it not a very interesting look in my opinion. Also, the structure of the dress is a little confusing to me. There seems to be no flow at all… the way the train is attached to the dress is so jarring? The dress and the train look like two separate pieces that were never meant to be connected.

  3. Kristen

    BDOTY since today… with her GOYA’s look and this one, I mean, honestly??? She needs a super place in the celeb fashion world!

  4. justme

    I don’t like this.

    I know it was the intent but the train is way too disproportionate at the hip for my taste.
    I also agree with J that maybe red wasn’t the colour to go with.

  5. Yeliz

    Spectacular. This is truly a wow moment. She looks flawless. Not everyone would be able to carry such a big gown, but Nieves does this gown more than justice. The red is striking against her skin. J’adore.

    1. Prudence

      exactly, this is deffs not a bdoty…this isnt even going to make it in my list of best of cannes. I do not understand the excitement over this. Her Stephane Rolland look was much more impressive.

  6. Nat39

    The train in fact is so oddly attached at the hip, bulky, awkward and looks more like an accidental addition. But it is certainly a standout look. Her Stephane Rolland look was superior however.

    1. Nat39

      …it’s always a pleasure to see a unique design but I can’t say that this one is executed fabulously, the train detail could’ve been a bit more thought through.

  7. Jessica

    Is this real?? I’m still in shock…. Best dressed of the Year with this, with her Goya’s and of course that in Cannes she won to all the others. This dress is amazing, i didn’t know about the designers… Love it.


  8. Ramsay

    I like it indeed – Especially the cut around the bust – But iI’m not blown away as you guys are – It’s a very Valentino Garavani dress, because of the colour of course but also because he has done many of those dresses with draping around the waist – But he did them better – There was more control and refinement in the draping – This seems slightly overdone
    But then again I’m not really waiting for my first BDOTY movement at Cannes cause I already had one (Kidman’s intricate and oh so refined Dior) – And I’m sure more will come with Kidman, Blanchett (most likely in Armani, did you see her photos yesterday at Armani’s headquarters in Milan?), Cotillard and Lawrence have a shot (most likely in Dior, I am more hopeful on Cotillard to be honest) and the guest at Amfar (Portman and Theron? They are rumoured to be coming to Monaco’s for the Dior’s show, so hopefully they’ll stick around)
    Bottom line, good dress and well done Nieves and I suspect people will love it – Everyone likes a train as the weekly polls never fail to demonstrate

  9. Henrique

    Yes, YES. Everything is perfect here. The colour, the train, the accessories… YES YES.

  10. Blush

    I think people are just looking at anything different to wow over because this festival has been pretty bad for fashion. This woman is gorgeous, the color is gorgeous, why the weird thing growing out of her hip?!!

    1. bessie

      i like the cut of the dress,but i really dont like the weird thing growing out of her hip.not working for me:(

  11. Ala

    I’ve come to expect a lot from Nieves, and a lot from Cannes, and this look just doesn’t do it for me. After her sensational BDOTY Stéphane Rolland Couture gown back in February, this look is formula-esque in comparison.

    I would definitely kick this look to the curb over that beautiful and stunning art work of a gown she wore back then. That being said, I wish she wore this gown back in February and saved her Stéphane Rolland Couture gown for the world fashion stage that is Cannes.

    swooning again:

  12. HM


    She looks divine! The gown is simple/modern yet dramatic. Styling is impeccable. Cannes is THE place to wear a train so I’m praying for bigger AND longer gowns. Please forward this memo to all Cannes attendees please:

    Don’t go big or go home, GO BIG AND THEN GO HOME!

  13. Anne

    I really like the cut of this dress from the waist up. I am not a fan of the wave of fabric sprouting from her hip. Just not my thing

  14. Marybeth

    I love the gorgeous color, the drama, and the elegant styling — all of the elements for a perfect Cannes look!

    Nieves has the presence to pull this off beautifully but I think the execution of the dress design is problematic. The attachment and drape of the train is a bit clumsy. The crease across the hips suggests strain, perhaps from the entire weight of a heavy train being carried at one hip point.

    The look is still a great delight, the kind of thing we’ve all been waiting for!

  15. Angela

    There is nothing that could’ve been done to sell this look to me. That hip detail is so distracting and overbearing to me; it doesn’t drape nicely, it just juts out of her dress awkwardly, making the shape bizarre. The gold accessories were a nice addition, but this is just an ugly duckling dress.

    1. Aurélien

      I’m slightly disappointed. The hip details and the cut of the bodice is the same as Stephane Rolland’s gowns ! (I thought it was an SR’s design at first …)

  16. Rashmi

    I really tried to like this look as most of you all, but sadly I didn’t find it that wow.
    She looks stunning bcoz of her oozing confidence and attitude! Surely there is finally the much needed drama but I find the red blending with the RC just too much , the hip detail is a bit overdone, also the length of the gown is quite awkward.

    The Stephane Rolland dress of her is a bdoty contender, sadly this isn’t as awesome as that.

  17. from-chitown

    Love this look… Finally a look worth talking about today. She definitely brought the drama. While not quite BDOTY for me, it still is quite memorable.

  18. Alicat

    THIS is the gown and the lady everyone will be talking about long after Cannes is over for this year. It is totally unique, and the drama is such that it is impossible not to be enthralled. The fire engine red takes it into knock out territory. Cannes is not about personal taste and what we as individuals would wear. I couldn’t wear this in a million years as I am too petite and have a quiet personality. But on Ms Alvarez’ perfectly proportioned, statuesque frame, together with her fierce attitude, it is a work of art. Absolutely fabulous!!!

  19. Jess2

    All hail indeed! Thi reminds me of Jennifer Lopez’s 2010 Oscars dress but this is soooo much better! Love the colour and the fierceness that only Nieves can bring! Another one to add to my BDOYT list, oh how I love Cannes.

  20. Noemi

    The dress itself is gorgeous and she looks stunnig, I would like to know the weight of the dress, there’s a lot of fabric there.

  21. Kathy

    Finally, someone who understands that Cannes is NOT about playing things safe! Such a bold, striking, dramatic look. Perfectly executed, in my opinion. Of course, with all dresses as daring as this one, there will be those who love it and those who hate it. I happen to love it, because I think the volume (thankfully) is just enough to not be overwhelming.

  22. Pene

    Maybe it the picture but it looks like a different material from the dress. so no not really


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