Anne Hathaway In Theyskens’ Theory – Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2013

Anne Hathaway In Theyskens' Theory - Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2013Similar to Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway attended a separate Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2013 event, hosted last night at Eveleigh restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

It was a celebration of ‘Les Miserables’ in support of The Los Angeles Fund for Public Education, but I wasn’t celebrating Anne’s Theyskens’ Theory Spring 2013 dress quite so much.

Did the fur-lined shrug provided a dose of vintage glam? Yes. Did it work here? Not as well.

The fuzzy coat was a strange pairing for the sporty perforated dress underneath. Plus, it covered up the most interesting detail of the design: the slightly exaggerated sleeve seen on the runway.

A berry lip and a metallic sandal tried to counteract the understated neutral shades. I’m not sure they were successful.

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16 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway In Theyskens’ Theory – Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2013

  1. dee

    Why this jacket? I don’t really like it covering up the dress which is light. The jacket weighs this down. If anything a light, leather jacket would have looked better or no jacket at all.

  2. Marybeth

    I like the dress a lot.
    I like the jacket too but NOT with this dress or those shoes. What was she thinking?

  3. TeaAtTwo

    It’s a cool dress though a tad short though I guess the length suits the sporty vibe of the dress. I’m fine with the jacket, I think she looks cute. if it prevents revealing her breasts under the flashlights like it does on the runway then it’s smart move.

  4. EmmaWoodhouse

    The dress is too short, to start with. The jacket is odd over it–it would have worked better with a plain, knee-length cream colored sheath. There is a total disconnect between shoes and jacket.

  5. Mari

    The jacket is a “vegan” jacket. Not sure what that means but I guess it doesn’t eat meat (!).
    Have theory re. Anne’s fashion choices this awards season and why they’ve been so hit/miss: she’s gone hardcore vegan and won’t wear any animal, not just leather but wool or even silk. She wore a bit of silk earlier during the Les Mis tour but not much. Im trying to find out what some of her outfits are made of to test this.

  6. Louise

    Wow, she changed her hair colour! And she’s not in black! Not sure if I like the entire look, but I love how it’s finally something different


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