Brooklyn Decker In Stella McCartney – 7th Annual Andy Roddick Foundation Gala

On Friday night Brooklyn Decker donned head-to-toe black in support of the 7th Annual Andy Roddick Foundation Gala at W Hotel Austin in Texas.

The gala went on to raise over $1 million for youth services and programmes.

Dressed in a stylish Stella McCartney peplum dress with a sheer yoke and sleeves, the actress wore equally stylish Nicholas Kirkwood heels to add an edge to her look.

A chic top-knot and stunning emerald-and-gold earrings provided the finishing touches.

You can buy Brooklyn’s Stella McCartney dress from

Credit: Getty

11 thoughts on “Brooklyn Decker In Stella McCartney – 7th Annual Andy Roddick Foundation Gala

  1. Nat39

    Nice but with the statement earrings like this she needed a simpler shoe (ankle-strap sandal would’ve been perfect)- Kirkwoods are a bit too busy and competing with the major statement earrings while the dress is completely lost in between.

  2. Yeliz

    She does look great, especially with the pop of colour via the earrings, but I feel like I have seen this dress on every celebrity.

  3. FC310

    Her personality is too sunny for this ensemble. There seems to be a disconnect between her top-knot hair and her outfit. I would prefer to see her hair down with this dress.

  4. EmmaWoodhouse

    Starting from the top–
    No to the topknot. They need to go away!
    The earrings: I love emeralds, but these look odd sticking out.
    The dress: no. Stella McCartney’s designs almost always befuddle me. The sheer part of this looks baggy.
    The shoes: YES.


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