Zoe Saldana In Jonathan Saunders – 2012 Teen Choice Awards

Zoe Saldana may have been one of the oldest stars to hit the red carpet at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday in Universal City, California, but she dared to bare her midriff for this summer’s hottest trend by donning a crop top.

Her geometric patterned crop top was teamed with a matching voluminous skirt from Jonathan Saunders Pre-Fall 2012 collection.

Thankfully, she opted to shorten the skirt which was presented below the knee. The original look wouldn’t have cut it at this teen event.

Tiffany & Co. gold hoop earrings and a gold heart cuff accessorized her look, but her best accessories were her Christian Louboutin aqua-blue satin open-toe and ankle-strap sandals.

A simple updo and light makeup for a fresh-faced gorgeous look provided the finishing touches.

You can buy Zoe’s Jonathan Saunders ‘Benedict’ cropped printed silk-gazar top and
‘Belle’ printed silk-gazar skirt from Net-A-Porter.com.

Credit: Style.com & Getty

22 thoughts on “Zoe Saldana In Jonathan Saunders – 2012 Teen Choice Awards

  1. Kathy

    For some strange reason, I really like this. I like that she bared the midriff, because it’s just better for a summer event that way. Her shoes are plain AMAZING, love the color. My only complaint is that the skirt looks too puffy with it shortened like that, the way she curled it in. Does that make sense?

  2. Rash

    And Why DO I Love This Women, Bcoz… She makes such a simple dress in to a fun red carpet look ! I love the volume the skirt is given. Shez looking beautiful as always :)

  3. carolina

    This really works very well. It’s got wonderful, unusual textures and patterns, a youthful but sophisticated styling, and colors that work extremely well with her personality and skin tone. The shoes are inspired – but it’s her smile that’s the star of the look, exactly as it should be.

    1. CreoleLady

      +1. Went back and forth on the chop because I like the dress in the original length. But I see it your way with respect to everything else. I do like that the dress has a throwback bubble effect now.

  4. Hannah

    I adore this outfit, there is something so gutsy and unpredictable about it which is refreshing. I love unusual shoe pairings and I love the sandals by themselves, which makes it even better. I just wish the top was a little more fitted.

  5. CTgirl

    Initially the pattern was a little too 1970′s sofa but then I really considered the whole look and decided that it’s great. Shortening the skirt saved this from looking dowdy. Great choice for the venue.

  6. Leo

    Amazing! She always kills it. It fits the awards, it fits her style, it’s fresh, it’s trendy, I’m sooo in loooove with her look.

  7. Nat39

    It was a really great decision to shorten the skirt for a more youthful flirtier look. Turquoise heels instead of aqua-blue would’ve worked better methinks.

  8. Magdalena.

    Love it! It’s different and young and fresh, yet very chic and sophisticated. But I have to say that whereas I appreciate the addition of the sandal (The color is amazing!), I’m not completely fond on how her feet look in them.

    Ps: What is she doing there anyway?

  9. Sharon

    Perfect! It looks like the skirt wasn’t pressed after it was hemmed, giving it a kind of bubble look which I like. And the shoes are absolutely wonderful.


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