Emma Stone In Lanvin – 2012 Golden Globe Awards

Emma Stone hit the red carpet at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards tonight.

She wore a stunning Lanvin gown, which she described thusly: “It’s Lanvin. It’s purple and fuchsia. And there is an eagle.”

Her custom-made deep plum tulle siren gown with raspberry paneling side insert and strong embroidered shoulder was accessorized with a crystal eagle leather belt, Cartier clutch and Lanvin black metallic ‘Opanca’ evening sandal with crystal studded heel and crystal earrings.

Only someone so fashion-forward and light-hearted could pull off such a biker-chic belt with a flowing Lanvin gown. Very Harley-Davidson meets Aphrodite.

Gorgeous smoky eyes and a chic chignon finish the look.

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34 thoughts on “Emma Stone In Lanvin – 2012 Golden Globe Awards

  1. gurlygurl

    Emma looks spectacular. I adore the color and unexpected belt. The dress itself reminds me of the Lanvin gown she wore Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards.

  2. TeaAtTwo

    It looks quite similar to the gold Lanvin dress she wore at the Glamour awards but she looks gorgeous on both occasions so it’s fine.

  3. Raquel

    Best dressed of the event, of the week and of the year so far. I just love it so so so much. I wish I had the money to buy the whole look and sit stunning in front of the computer working.

  4. EmmaWoodhouse

    I want to love Emma’s look…and I do love the cap sleeves and the aubergine color, but the plunging neckline, ‘biker belt’ and red side stripes really bring it down for me. I’m sure that I’ll be in the minority here, but that’s my opinion. Love her hairdo though!

  5. Nat39

    Love the flowy gown,the colour,the shoes, hair and makeup but not quite sold on the leather belt. I can accept it with the dress but not when she is wearing it with the pretty evening sandals and carrying a clutch. It just doesn`t belong unless you go for an overall edgier styling which of course wouldn`t be appropriate for the event. With a safe pretty belt, she would`ve been without a doubt a frontrunner for the best dressed for me.

  6. Li

    So achingly gorgeous! I love the colour, the softness and the belt doesn’t seem so much biker as it does Roman to me. The eagle was one of the symbols of Rome, and I suppose this could almost be a take on Roman costume without actually looking costumey.

  7. Eve_V

    This is absolutely amazing. I think the belt sort of matches the embroidery on the shoulders and it gives an edge to an otherwise beautiful but simplistic dress. Love her makeup and she is FIERCE in the full length shot.

  8. Giuseppi Giraffe

    I actually find this shapeless and tacky with that eagle on the front. :|

    The color is good, I’ll give it that, and her eye makeup is good, but I don’t care for anything else in this ensemble.

  9. mol

    Ahhh, now I’ve forgotten my disappointments in her last two looks – love the styling of her lanvin and also, her hair is back on track. Beautiful, and as Dhppy said, quirky, a perfect balance.

  10. mattison

    I didn’t even notice the belt at first- those EYES. I usually think she looks great, but she really outdid herself here!

  11. Shauni212

    This one one of my favorites of the night. While a lot of other actresses look like they try so hard, this looks effortless.

  12. Ariel

    I like it! I don’t love it because we have all seen her in a green Lanvin gown similar to this a while back and I prefer that one to this!

  13. Parvati

    Gorgeous! I always love her fashion choices! I can never get bored with her style! For a long time, I believed the gowns she had been wearing were really different from what other celebrities usually wear, but I’m starting to realise it’s not only that – it’s Emma Stone herself who makes the clothes look so interesting on her.

  14. belledame

    never really noticed her until this. she is the new thing now. this was – hands down – best dressed. others were flawless, letter-perfect, amazing. but this knocked my socks off. i can’t imagine what it was like in person.

    one for the record books.


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