29.03.11 Beauty

Beauty School: Falsies 101

Recognize those eyes? Of course you do—a blind man knows that this gorgeous honey brown gaze belongs to a one Kim Kardashian.

Along with her infamous tush, her kooky family, her revolving love life and her flawless features, it’s her magnificent makeup that keeps the world captivated. Love her or hate her—She. Never. (Ever!) Gets. It. Wrong. Her brows? Groomed to perfection. Her cheeks? Impossibly (yet believably) flushed. Her foundation? Just like second-skin. Her eyeshadow? Ever immaculate. And then there’s her lashes.

We hear that Kardashian is a huge fan of Ja’maal Buster Eyelashes, as is Rihanna, Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Taylor Swift. To create her lush lash look, cut the lash band into a few pieces and strategically place them along the upper lash line for a dramatic, seductive effect.

As for the bottom set, some prefer to use short and mini individuals. But for us novices, there’s a special mascara for that. Clinique’s newest offering, Bottom Lash Mascara, features a doll-sized brush that lengthens and fans every single fine hair along your lower lash line for maximum intensity.

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25.03.11 Beauty

Look We Love: Jamie Chung’s Sexy Loose Waves

Lush bouncy waves that ooze oomph and effortless sex appeal? Now this is the kind of hair every girl wants to have. Kudos to whoever styled Jamie Chung’s locks for the L.A. premiere of Sucker Punch. Her loose retro waves instantly evoke thoughts of our favorite film noir seductresses of yesteryear, like Ava Gardner, Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth. Below, our tips on how you too can master temptress tresses.

—Divide hair into small sections and quickly pass a ceramic flat iron down the entire hair shaft (from roots to tips) to even hair out and remove tangles;

—Holding the flat iron vertically, close the plates mid-shaft (just under your ear) and lightly turn and clap the iron until you reach the ends;

—Using both of your index fingers, immediately roll each section up and pin each curl flat on your scalp with a clip. This allows your strands to cool and set in a coiled position, giving each curl more definition. Bonus points if you do this every single night—your waves can last a full week!;

—Remove clips and brush ringlets with a paddle brush to turn curls into waves;

—Lastly, mist your mane with a lightweight dry oil. It helps tame frizz and gives your mane a glossy finish.

Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron, $159.99 at | Diane Professional Single-Prong Curl Clips, $1.29 for 10 at | Denman Paddle Brush, $11.95 at | Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Dry Oil Mist, $24 at

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23.03.11 Beauty

Look We Love: Thandie Newton’s Avant Garde Top Knot

It’s a rather daring look for someone who’s style is more sophisticated and subdued; absolutely a risk, but we think it paid off—majorly.

At the Louis Vuitton party for Sam Taylor-Wood, English actress Thandie Newton went for whimsical with this kooky top knot chignon that sat slightly off-center, right atop her forehead. One part ‘Grey Gardens‘ granny, two parts ‘laissez-faire’ hair, we think Thandie’s on to something. We’re guessing it won’t be long before other stars start pushing their ponys a bit more forward as well—here’s how to get the look before everyone else jumps on the high bun bandwagon:

Step #1: Using a boar bristle brush (helps tame pesky flyaways), sweep hair into a very high position, like 4-to-5 inches off of your forehead;

Step #2: Tautly secure ponytail using a snag-less rubber band, and slip hair through a chignon pillow and push it to the base;

Step #3: Twist the hair around the pillow, and secure with bobby pins;

Step #4: Mist with hairspray to set.

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Credit: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

23.03.11 Beauty

Beauty Blogger

India-Jewel will be joining Red Carpet Fashion Awards as our guest beauty blogger.

She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to beauty and hair.

She’s often backstage at fashion shows around the world learning beauty secrets and trends from top make-up artists like Pat McGrath.

The next post will be her first post.

I’m really excited she has joined the team.