Letting Him Know You Love Him – Men’s Wristwatch Buying Guide

Watches are a jewellery staple for many men. They combine both style and function and despite the popularity of smartphones and smartwatches, traditional timepieces are still in demand. There’s a watch for every man’s personality and lifestyle. Wristwatches, therefore, make the perfect gift for any man in your life.

You may be wondering if your guy really needs a watch when he has a smartphone. However, many busy men would rather just look at their wrist quickly. There is also the fact that looking at a phone can be distracting. You go to check the time then realize you’ve been sucked into the blackhole of email or social media. Traditional watches also don’t need to be charged.

We don’t need to mention that wristwatches look great. Despite their small size, they are visually impactful, and they say something about the wearer. They add polish to a man’s outfit and indicate a certain sense of maturity. Watches can also be chosen based on the occasion. We’ll discuss some popular styles in a bit but suffice it to say that there are options for camping trips and formal events.

Wristwatches put the finishing touch on whatever the man wears. If you want to help a man in your life present himself in the best light, a watch is the way to go.

Watches are also status symbols. Think about all the symbolism attached to popular brands like Rolex or Omega. Even without speaking to the wearer, you get a sense of who he is. Even if the man prefers something less flashy, it still says something about him and his values. Is he classy? Sporty? Practical? Get him a watch that reflects who he is.

As you should have gathered by now, wristwatches are more than just timekeepers. A classic watch will last for decades and never look out of place. Choosing a watch for a special guy, therefore, isn’t something that should be rushed. You need to take the man’s needs and image into consideration. If that sounds like a tall task, you’ve come to the right place. This article is the only guide you need before you buy a man’s watch.

Quartz, Mechanical and Automatic: Understanding Watch Movements

When you begin looking into watches, you’ll hear the term movements a lot. The movement or calibre is a mechanism inside the watch which makes it work. The three types are quartz, mechanical and automatic.

Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are powered by a mainspring which must be wound by hand. For watch aficionados, these are the epitome of timepieces. While not all mechanical mechanisms are equal, a high level of engineering goes into many of them. Mechanical watches are refined and traditional to the core. They never need a battery. You just wind them up when they stop ticking. Some people also enjoy how smoothly the second-hand moves. The act of winding the watch at the end of the day may also be a hit with some men.

On the other hand, if your guy isn’t into the craft of watchmaking and he won’t like the idea of having to manually keep the watch going, you should choose something else. Mechanical watches are also sensitive to moisture, dirt, magnetsand significant jolts. They, therefore, aren’t ideal for a man who spends lots of time outdoors or doing manual labour.

Automatic Watches

Also called self-winding watches, automatic watches are also powered by a mainspring but they don’t require manual winding. Instead, the spring is wound as you move during the day. These have the sophistication and smooth movement of mechanical watches but there is no need for daily upkeep.

On the downside, automatic watches are also sensitive to the environment and they can lose accuracy over time. Their craftsmanship and detailed engineering also come at a high price point.

Quartz Watches

If you’re wearing a watch right now, it’s probably a quartz. These watches run off a small battery and there is no need for manual maintenance. Quartz watches are popular because they are accurate and very affordable.You can often get discounts on the more expensive ones if you know where to look. Get a free Amazon discount code and surprise the man you love with a beautiful timepiece. Quartz watches stand up better to varying environmental conditions and are perfect for a man who does manual labour or plays sports. The only downsides are that the movement of the second hand isn’t as smooth and these watches lack the romanticism and connection with the past that mechanical watches have.

From Diving to Driving: Common Styles of Men’s Wrist Watches

Let’s focus on style now. Each occasion and lifestyle calls for a different watch. We’ll look at five common styles and you can choose the one which best suits the man you plan to surprise.

• The dress watch – This is a simple, understated watch. It tends to be very slim so it can sit discreetly under shirt cuffs. The face is typically made from precious metal and it is attached to a leather strap.
• The diving watch – This a rugged timepiece designed for underwater use. The dials and hands are typically luminous. They also have a unidirectional rotating bezel which measures diving time.
• The driving watch – For the motorsport enthusiast or race driver, driving watches typically have a chronograph. Some also have a tachymeter on the bezel which measures speed.
• The aviation watch – This tends to have a black face with dials and numerals which illuminate. In a throwback to the first watches made for pilots, they show lots of navigational information.
• The minimalist watch – There are no bells and whistles here – just a simple modern design, typically with a quartz movement.

Choosing the Best Watch for the Man in Your Life

We’ve established that you need to consider the movement of the watch and the style. These need to be tailored to the man’s preferred image and lifestyle. Some of the other things you need to think about are:

• The size of the man’s hand – The watch shouldn’t be so large that it overpowers his hand or so small that it’s barely noticeable.

• The price point – You don’t want to skimp on quality but you also shouldn’t purchase a watch with features the recipient will never use.

• Complications – Extra dials and hands may be perfect for a diver or businessman operating in different time zones but they can overwhelm a simple, practical man.

We don’t know the man you’re buying for but we know watches. Here you have all the guidance you need to choose the best gift for that special someone. Think carefully before you make your purchase.

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