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Get The Look: Gigi Hadid’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Celebration Super Slick Locks

2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit IssueCelebrity hairstylist Jennifer Yepez worked with Gigi Hadid for the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue celebration on Tuesday (February 10) in New York City.

“My inspiration came from Gigi’s outfit. On the runway the look was super slick but we didn’t want it to be too severe so we went for something that would be sporty but still feminine. We decided to go very tight on the sides, creating a clean look while also keeping some volume on top. I also wanted to highlight Gigi’s beautiful blonde hair colour,” said Jennifer.

Here’s how to get the look.

First she sectioned the hair starting at the nape and evenly applied Oribe Grandiose Mousse, focusing on the root area for more of a grip to hold the style in place. Using a Mason Pearson Brush, she blow dried the hair flat to Gigi’s head shape.

Next, she took another section and repeated the same process until she got to the front of the head. When she reached the front, she applied double the mousse, focusing mostly on the sides, and blow dried it again using the flat brush.

When she reached the top of the head, she blow dried the hair with a round brush to create volume. Then she applied a small amount of Oribe Balm d’Or from the mid shaft to the ends of the hair and flat ironed it (from the mid shaft down) until it lay smooth.

Once the ends were smooth, she applied Oribe Superfine Strong Hairspray only to the sides of the hair, working one side at a time, spraying only the side being worked on and using the flat brush to smooth it back, following the head shape. Then she moved to the next side.

Once done, she sprayed the top lightly but didn’t brush it out in order to maintain the volume.

She used two large silver clips with small pieces of paper towel underneath each one to hold the sides in place until Gigi was ready to leave. Once she was all set, Jennifer took off the silver clips and Gigi was red carpet ready.

gigi hair

Oribe Grandiose Mousse
Oribe Balm d’Or
Oribe Superfine Strong Hairspray

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Get The Look: Kim Kardashian Grammys Hair & Makeup

57th GRAMMY Awards - ArrivalsCelebrity hairstylist Michael Silva and celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic worked with Kim Kardashian for the 2015 Grammy Awards on Sunday.


“Our inspiration was a reference I pulled of an editorial image of the eternally cool Kate Moss,” said Michael.

Here’s how to get the look.

He began by applying Shu Uemura Ample Angora Volumizing Mousse layered with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. On the ends he used Kerastase Touché Finale Serum. He rough-dried the hair then set it in an S-wave. He then used a little flatiron and finished with Kardashian Pure Glitz Hairspray.

kim k hair

Shu Uemura Ample Angora Volumizing Mousse
Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray
Kerastase Touché Finale Serum
Kardashian Pure Glitz Hairspray


“The dress was a champagne-colour vintage Gaultier so I went with green and golden metallics on her eyes.”

Here’s how to get the look.

He used three Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Eyeshadows: Soft Gold all over as a base and more on the inner corners, Emerald along the crease and outer corners, and Moss swept along the lower lash line together with the Soft Gold shade.

For the lashes, he used Kardashian Beauty Individual Lashes (a few just on the outer corners) followed by L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black.

He used NARS Blush in Orgasm on the cheeks and Eye M Glam Highlighter on the cheekbones and bridge of the nose to highlight.

On the lips he went for a classic Kim K nude, which she loves. He used Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Naked.

For the body he used Supermodel Body by Charlotte Tilbury.

kim k makeup

Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Eyeshadows
Kardashian Beauty Individual Lashes
L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black
NARS Blush in Orgasm
Eye M Glam Highlighter
Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Naked
Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body

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Get The Look: Felicity Jones’ Producers Guild Awards Tousled Bun

Get The Look Felicity Jones' Producers Guild Awards Tousled Bun

Celebrity hairstylist Cervando Maldonado worked with Felicity Jones for the 2015 Producers Guild Awards on Saturday (January 24).

Cervando said, “My inspiration for the look was a modern tousled bun.”

Here’s how to get the look.

On damp hair he first applied Kerastase Volumactive Mousse from roots to ends. Then he sprayed Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray throughout the hair.

Next he used a Harry Josh Blow Dryer and rough dried the hair until it was almost dry, using a comb on the top of the head and around the hairline to create lift and texture. He used a medium-sized Ibiza Boar Bristle Brush to blow out the hair starting on the top and the front of the head, taking it section by section to create lift and semi-smoothness. After blow drying each section, he put the hair in a small Velcro roller to create lift and hold. Once the hair was set in the rollers from the front of the head to the crown only, he smoothed out the hair around the face with the brush and left the rest of the hair at the back of the head in its natural texture.

Once the hair was dry, he took all of the rollers out except the one at the very front. He then used his hands to rake though the rest of the hair, pulling it up into a ponytail above the occipital bone. He pinched the hair in place and wrapped a bungee hair band around the hair to secure it. Next he took the ponytail and wrapped it around into a loose bun, using bobby pins and hair pins to hold it in place. He then took the last roller out and pushed the remaining hair back with his hands, pinning it in place right above the bun.

Next he sprayed a combination of Oribe Dry Texturing Spray and Sachajuan Volume Powder through the top of the hair and the bun to create great texture and keep the height in the front. He finished it all off with Sachajuan Super Strong Hold Hairspray, spraying lightly through the whole head for a great hold with a natural look.


Kerastase Volumactive Mousse
Oscar Blandi Volumizing Spray
Oribe Dry Texturing Spray
Sachajuan Volume Powder
Sachajuan Super Strong Hold Hairspray

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Get The Look: Jessica Chastain’s Critics’ Choice Awards Loose Braid

Get The Look Jessica Chastain's Critics’ Choice Awards Loose Braid

Celebrity hairstylist Renato Campora worked with Jessica Chastain for the 2015 Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on Thursday (January 15) in LA.

“The inspiration for Jessica’s hair at the Critics’ Choice Awards came from the beautiful dress. Once I saw the high neckline, I knew we wanted to show that off. Working with the silhouette, I decided to pull the hair off of the face and create a beautiful loose braid in the back. The result was a modern shape that really complemented the whole look,” said Renato.

Here’s how to get the look.

On wet hair, he applied Kerastase Mousse Volumactive and then blew it dry with a large round brush. He wanted the hair to be smooth and shiny.

Next he separated the hair and pulled the top section into a rubber band, wrapping some of the hair around the band. At this point, half of the hair was up and half was down. Then he took about an inch section of hair from below each ear and brought them together. He used a very small rubber band to hold this in place.

Then he created a simple loose braid in the back to keep the look soft. Securing the end with a small rubber band, he finished with Wella Finishing Hairspray.

Jessica Chastain Hair

Kerastase Mousse Volumactive
Wella Finishing Hairspray.

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Get The Look: Jessica Chastain’s Ultra Glamorous Golden Globe Awards Waves

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsThere was no denying that Jessica Chastain looked like a classic Hollywood bombshell at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards on Sunday. While her stunning figure-framing draped gown and sultry makeup noted the style of vintage Hollywood beauties, it was her perfectly polished waves that made this look extra glamorous.

Celebrity Hairstylist Renato Campora drew inspiration from the vintage silhouette of Jessica’s Atelier Versace gown and created a look that took an elegant spin on the iconic side swept loose curled hairstyle. Here’s how you can achieve this ultra glam look at home:

Renato recommends starting with freshly washed and conditioned hair. To ensure an evenly hydrated and nourished foundation, she used Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo and Daily Renewing Conditioner.

Like any glamorous hairstyle, smooth lustrous hair is a must. Prior to blow drying, Renato applied Wella Professionals Elastic Energy Mousse to damp hair and proceed to brow dry small sections with a round brush.

Once hair was evenly blow dried, Renato used a 1.5 inch curling iron and concentrated on creating voluminous curls at the bottom half her hair. To further enhance the smoothness of the hair, Wella Professionals LuxeOil Light Oil Keratin Protection Spray was applied to the top of the head to keep any fly-aways at bay.

To achieve that super glamorous sheen, a little bit of Wella Professionals Smooth Brilliance Shine Pomade was blended on the fingertips and applied it to the front of Jessica’s hair. As the finishing touch, Renato misted the air with Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray.

jessica chastain hair

Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo
Wella Professionals Elements Daily Renewing Conditioner
Wella Professionals Elastic Energy Mousse
Wella Professional LuxeOil Light Oil Keratin Protection Spray
Wella Professionals Smooth Brilliance Shine Pomade
Wella Professionals Stay Essential Finishing Spray

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Get The Look: Felicity Jones’ Sophisticated Golden Globe Awards Updo

Get The Look Felicity Jones’  Sophisticated Golden Globe Awards Updo

With all the embellishment and glitz seen on Sunday evening’s 2015 Golden Globe Awards red carpet, Felicity Jones’s elegant Dior gown was a welcomed change.

The English actress brought a touch of her English sophistication to the ceremony and popped in the deep green dress. With such a graceful look, it was only natural that celebrity hair stylist Tommy Buckett create an equally fitting updo for the petite actress.

Using an array of Garnier and T3 products, here’s how you can recreate this simple and chic hairstyle:

PREP: Once hair was washed and conditioned, Tommy prepped Felicity’s hair with Garnier Brazilian Smooth Flatiron Express. He then sectioned the hair and blew it out with a T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer using a T3 Anti-Gravity 2.5” Barrel Brush.

STYLE (PREP): After the hair was blown out, Tommy spritzed her entire hair with an even coat of Garnier Sleek & Shine Iron Perfector Straightening Mist. He then flat ironed Felicity’s hair suing the T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron.

STYLE (UPDO): Once hair was straightened, Tommy back-combed the crown of her hair and created a deep side part. He then gathered the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of her neck. To ensure smooth and healthy looking hair free of flyaways, he applied a small amount of Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Deep Nourish at the tips of her hair. Once applied, Tommy arranged the ponytail into a knot and secured with bobby pins.

As a final touch, Tommy sprayed Jones’s hair with Garnier Sleek & Shine Finish 5-in-1 Serum Spray. Not only did this give the hair a soft sheen but kept it in place for the duration of the evening.

Tommy proved that one does not need to go above and beyond with hair on the red carpet. Choosing a simple and elegant hairstyle can speak volumes in formal settings.

felicity jones

Garnier Brazilian Smooth Flatiron Express
Garnier Sleek & Shine Iron Perfector Straightening Mist
Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Deep Nourish
Garnier Sleek & Shine Finish 5-in-1 Serum Spray

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