Zhang Yuqi In Alexander McQueen – ‘Soshite Chichi Ni Naru’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Zhang Yuqi In Alexander McQueen - 'Soshite Chichi Ni Naru' Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Zhang Yuqi, who Getty keeps referring to as Fan Bingbing, made a late arrival to the ‘Soshite Chichi Ni Naru’ Cannes Film Festival premiere at the Palais des Festivals in France yesterday evening.

What I love about Zhang Yuqi is that she loves a big ballgown. She really gets what this festival is all about, despite this being her first time at the rodeo.

She opted to wear a fire-engine red Alexander McQueen bustier gown with exaggerated hips which looks slightly creased.

The creases can be forgiven, because if you are stuck in traffic rushing to get to a red carpet which is about to close, keeping your gown crease-free is the least of your worries.

Rocking the beautiful braided Cannes trend, the actress styled her look with a gold Sergio Rossi clutch and a Bulgari statement ring.

Credit: Sina

29 thoughts on “Zhang Yuqi In Alexander McQueen – ‘Soshite Chichi Ni Naru’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

  1. Yeliz

    I can overlook the creases, because she looks enchanting. She carries this gown with such an ease and looks so tall. Love her hair.

  2. Fashion Lover

    There’s such a happy radiance about her, I don’t mind the creases, in fact not even seeing them. Love the hair and the delicate minimalism of her styling. Just so pretty!

  3. Nat39

    I love it, the drama of the colour and grand skirt and the tiny nipped in waist, and her effortless styling without any excessive bling – the pretty tiny clutch and the statement ring are perfect finishing touches and her lovely braided loose hairstyle adds the natural flirty vibe. She looks so naturally pretty and effortless while capturing the drama of the festival. I have no problem overlooking the minor creases.

  4. EmmaWoodhouse

    The bodice is not my favorite; I’m so sick of strapless. But besides the creases, I like the look–that skirt is so huge and dramatic! The color’s great and her waist looks tiny.

  5. Quinn

    She looks so much younger compare to her previous appearance I seriously thought that they are 2 different person. She looks more fresh, youthful and prettier here. And it make me rethink about her previous look just because of the makeup. On this occasion, I like the simple styling for this dramatic gown.

    1. Nat39

      You are right, what a difference, this youthful look shows how mature and aging her previous look was for her. I thought I was looking at a mature woman in her 30s even 40s somewhat and she is only in her mid 20s. This look is so much more refreshing on her.

  6. MaddyEliza

    I love this!! It’s so dramatic, which is perfect for Cannes! And it’s fun too. Love it!

  7. Ariel

    Sorry, but I can’t forgive the creases. Other than that the dress is great! It deserves a better hair-do and styling, though.

  8. Dhppy

    I like it. The best way for me to like a ballgown is if it has a modern touch, which is apparent in the minimalist bodice. I love the simplicity of her styling as well.

  9. Natalie19

    I’m surprise, nobody mentioned how freakishly tall she looks here!!!!

    Hello?! doesn’t anyone else see that the body proportion is crazy?! that looks unnatural..

    What kind of shoes is she wearing underneath???!!!

  10. Kitty

    If you like her in this gown, go to google her pics in Paris fashion week with a red leather trench coat….. I can only say OMG….. It’s like she was born in it…..

    Fan is an attention-whore without doubt, but you can’t deny she’s the 1st Chinese female star who stands out in western fashion world. And she’s already really famous before this in China. So hundreds of “small stars” in China do plastic surgery to make themselves look like her, like cut their jaw bones, make their chin v pointy, etc…..

    Actually Zhang did some plastic surgery as well, but whatever, I prefer her style, and Fan’s photo.


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