Amanda Seyfried In Alexander McQueen – ‘Les Miserables’ New York Premiere

Amanda Seyfried joined her co-star Anne Hathaway on the red carpet at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City last night for the ‘Les Miserables’ premiere.

She too opted for a dramatic look, wearing her second Alexander McQueen look in a row.

In London she was sweet and ethereal; on this occasion, sexy and commanding.

The look features a gold embroidered bodice and a flowing black skirt, which is accented with a tortoise-shell belt with a gold buckle.

Adding to the dramatic nature of the look, she opted for extreme cat-eyes and a high braided bun.

It would appear that the ladies co-ordinated their looks somewhat, because they perfectly complemented each other with the mood being dark, mysterious and sexy.

An Alexander McQueen clutch and Harry Winston jewels completed her look.

Credit: Alexander McQueen & Getty

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  • Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang

    Amanda Seyfried easily upstaged Anne Hathaway in this breathtaking Alexander McQueen creation!! Love the gold accented bodice and the flowing black skirt combo which she paired it well with extreme cat eye makeup and high plaited bun!! This is stunning for head to toe!! Amanda Seyfried is totally our BDOTW contender, or winner shall we say!! Shame on you, Anne Hathaway with those domantrix Tom Ford boots!!

  • Lyvm

    Her best Les Miz premiere look so far

  • jessabelle

    BDOTY!!! Everything is flawless!!

  • Jessie

    love it! Amanda looks amazing head to toe, definitely should be in BTOTW!

  • Jones19

    Wow I love everything about this look! BDOTY for me!

  • Kate

    I like this look more than Anne’s. It’s dramatic without being gimmicky and costumey. (and no shoes that look like leg braces, thank God).

    But where’s Samantha Barks? She looked fabulous! A much younger look last night than what FC deemed the “Helen Mirren” look in London.

  • Amy

    I like it

  • Nat39

    Oh, no, this is BAD. The whole thing feels so FORCED on Amanda, doesn’t suit her at all, can’t even compare to the effortless romantic look form last week.

    • Nat39


  • Leti

    Perfection! This is a gorgeous dress, but not groundbreaking. What really elevates this for me is the hair and, even more so, the makeup. It’s only Tuesday, but I can’t imagine anything topping this for BDOTW in my book.

  • Rebecca Z

    Spectacular–she’s sort of channeling Maria Callas in the makeup department, but it works–who ever would have guessed? I don’t think of Amanda as the powerful diva type, but she is making me re-think that. Gorgeous dress.

  • Petra

    She looks gorgeous, I like everything about this look. However, If only the commercial versions of those stunning dresses hit the red carpet, I’ll call in sick.

  • justme

    Everything works but the hair.

  • Siobhán

    Great dress!

    Where can I see the rest of the SS13 shop collection? There’s no lookbook on their website and I can’t seem to find it via google either. Can someone give me a link?

  • Emmeline

    I love this on her. The hair is severe, but I think it works for her.

    • mm

      i agree

  • TeaAtTwo

    She looks stunning, the bodice is exquisite and I’m glad she kept the belt, gives a real McQueen vibe. The hair and eye make-up really give the sexy direction to the look which I like.

  • Jess2

    Stunning, absolutely gorgeous! Love the dress and I think the hair is cool. If I could change one thing it would be the cat eyes to make it a little less subtle. But love this look!

  • dee

    I like everything but the hair.

    • Luiza


  • Katey

    It’s definitely BTOTW worthy look for me!
    She’s perfect. I love the hair and the make up as well. And the dress look so beautiful.

    She’s a perfection.

    Someone has already asked before me but Where can I find these lookbook Fc?
    Because I haven’t seen this proffesional shoot for the Spring ’13 collection.

    • Christine

      She is owning it. Love this!

  • Linda

    I like the gown on her. I don’t like the overdone makeup and the severe slicked back dark looking hair with the brassy giant braid bun up top. A similar hairstyle a little less extreme would fare better.

    • Natalie19

      I agree!

      I really dislike the makeup!! And the hairstyle doesn’t look good on amanda

  • TL

    Amanda looks great, but I can stop myself looking at the lookbook model, she has a extremely long neck!

  • Joan

    She looks breathtaking!! I think this one is my favourite look of her all time.

  • Mel

    I love everything, she looks amazing in that dress an the hait is perfect. Anna Paquin must be screaming ’cause Amanda got her hands in this dress before she did LOL.

    Monday I was sure I’ve find the BDOTW in Cate but now I have doubts. Is going to be a great week. Any news about when is McQueen going to release the spring 2013 lookbook? They’re not in ant hurry, that’s for sure.

  • JGH

    This is gorgeous BDOTW worthy to me. I love the dramatic makeup.

  • Yeliz

    I dislike the hairstyle but I love everything else. The gown is stunning.

    • Beta

      me too, not a fan of the braid but that gown is divine

    • gabis

      I agree. But I also wish she had opted for a different clutch.

    • EmmaWoodhouse

      +3 The dress is beautiful but the bun is too tight and alien. This gown is amazing on her though–one of her best looks ever.

  • lana

    where can i find this lookbook?

  • bas

    I love everything aout this look, maybe I would have chosen the model’s clutch. Perfection nonetheless. Love the dramatic make up.

  • Betelgeuze

    Love it, head to toe.
    She looks perfect.

  • Charlotte

    I like it ! She’s gorgeous. The make up is perfect for this dress.

  • CreoleLady

    Amanda is working it and it was a smart move to keep the belt but not the collar. The plunge looks modified as well, again, good move for Amanda. But here is where I miss Cate Blanchett, who has the height, neck and presence to wear McQueen as presented. Oh how I miss Cate in full bore, edged-out McQueen.

    • kane

      You are giving me ideas about Cate in that dress, ahh. But Amanda can still pull it off for me.

  • rebecca o

    I like the dress but my scalp hurts just looking at her hair that tight.

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