Pharrell Williams In Moncler Gamme Bleu – Moncler Celebrates 60th Anniversary Art Basel Miami Party

Pharrell Williams attended Moncler’s 60th anniversary dinner party during Art Basel Miami on Friday evening.

No one pushes the fashion envelope like Pharrell Williams – and throw in the added style stakes of the Art Basel, and of course a unique ensemble will be the result.

Pharrell rocks an avant-garde camo-print suit – complete with shorts and a bow tie – from Moncler Gamme Bleu.

The camo-print is totally on point with trends in the hip-hop community these days, while the cheeky wing tip shoes and Ray-Ban shades reflect Pharrell’s trademark edgy personality.

While the shorts may seem a little off, let’s remember that this is Miami at Art Basel! Not only is it hot out, but everything is an artistic statement – including the red carpet looks of megastar music moguls.

Just don’t try to find a suit like this on your own – it’s custom for Pharrell.

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19 thoughts on “Pharrell Williams In Moncler Gamme Bleu – Moncler Celebrates 60th Anniversary Art Basel Miami Party

  1. arjun

    my eyes are altered
    who’ll try to find this jacket, not me
    I’ve always admired the style of pharrell but now I think he pushed it a little too far, between glasses, footwear and has no nice calves to show the way, this is just my view
    at least with all the green he can say he is an ecologist

  2. ahot

    On Point! Pharell was always a rockstar & this might not be everyone´s cup of tea, but I LOVE IT! Very innovative, as mennswear can be a tad repetitive & boring. Very modern & edgy.

  3. Leti

    For me, a tuxedo top and shorts are just jarring. I also don’t like the combination of black, white, and camo. This could have been made with chocolate brown instead of black for the lapels and tie and paired with a beige shirt, and it would have looked a lot better in my eyes.

  4. Noemi (WBiS)

    I’ve never understood why he’s considered one of the best dressed men. Sometimes he’s edgy and elegant, but not always. I don’t care if it’s hot or it’s Art Basel Miami. I don’t like this look, most of all with those shoes. Maybe with some cool sneakers it would have been better. His legs seem the male version of Alexa Chung’s!

  5. leppard

    If Dressing like a fool is high fashion I have alot of fashion mogules in my town.He doesnt look trendy artsy or different he looks stupid.


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