Bérénice Marlohe In J. Mendel – ‘Skyfall’ Sydney Premiere

Bérénice Marlohe joined her co-star, Naomie Harris, on the red carpet for the ‘Skyfall’ Sydney premiere, which was held at the State Theatre in Australia earlier today.

She looked stunning, wearing a J. Mendel Spring 2013 gown.

The French actress finally gives us a break from the sequinned, fitted dresses she seems to favour, for this elegant purple frock with a tulle bodice, chiffon skirt and delicate floral embroidery.

On this occasion, the smoky purple eye totally works with the look, and I love the additional pop of colour via her green and aqua drop earrings.

Looking back on Berenice’s looks so far this promo tour, I think this one takes the lead.

Credit: Style.com & Getty

25 thoughts on “Bérénice Marlohe In J. Mendel – ‘Skyfall’ Sydney Premiere

  1. Nat39

    Still wish that the eye makeup was at least a little bit lighter, it overpowers the delicate gown a bit, but it’s a good pretty look for her.

  2. Anne g

    She looks lovely.But this dress similiar to that worn by keira knightley for the promotion of Pirates of the Caribbean.

  3. Lyvm

    I must say i dont love it. The first red gown she wore for the premieres still takes the lead for me and this one looks a bit prom-like. Her makeup ages her and that beauty pageant hair.. No go.

  4. gabis

    She looks stunning, really gorgeous. Finally a dress that fits and suits well her body type. And I love the colour on her and the earrings! Although working correctly with the overall look, I also wish the eye makeup were a bit lighter. She donated so much raccoon eyes during this promo tour that a more natural makeup for a change wouldn’t hurt.

  5. Odette

    This stunning look and her Elie Saab gowns are Bernice’s Top Three looks.

    FC have you seen the movie? The first scene we see her in she had raccoon eyemakeup (which makes me think she got inspiration from her set makeup artist) but the makeup got better after that. I thought she was wonderful in the film.

  6. dee

    This is her best look to date. I just wish her eye makeup wasn’t so heavy. Other than that she looks gorgeous.

  7. robbie

    the look is beautiful, but she always looks so aggressive and sinister in picture which kind of ruins the look a little.

  8. Amy

    great dress, she still need to lay of the heavy makeup a little bit, it makes the whole thing look costumey. Anyway she looks nice

  9. mia

    throughout this promo tour – i’ve pretty much HATED every look from her. but THIS look is by far the BEST :) i’m smiling as i write this comment :) she looks proportioned and balanced – and the gown is breathtaking :)

    HOORAY for Bérénice :)

  10. Dhppy

    Well, firstly, I’m a fool for peIgnoir style gowns, then you throw in a rich purple with judicious use of appliqué , and well, I’m all yours. Thankfully, she found a style that accentuates her waist and lengthens her legs. I’m not crazy about the earring choice, but I see how it works with the ensemble.

  11. Hannah

    I think that she looks gorgeous, but the eyemakeup is killing me. If there was no dark eyemakeup in the inner corners of her eye it would look a lot fresher and less like a black eye.

  12. TeaAtTwo

    The purple eye make-up was a interesting idea but it looks a bit heavy. But she does look really good in this beautiful gown.

  13. EmmaWoodhouse

    The plunging neckline is too revealing and brings down the whole look for me, unfortunately. Other than that I love the purple and the delicate details. The green earrings were an interesting choice.


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