Ginnifer Goodwin In Viktor & Rolf – 2012 Critics’ Choice Television Awards

Emmy Rossum opted for glamour, but Ginnifer Goodwin went for an edgier look on the red carpet at the 2012 Critics’ Choice Television Awards, held in Beverly Hills on Monday night.

The actress wore a Viktor & Rolf Fall 2012 dress.

A mesh panel covers the plunging neckline of her black-and-gold long-sleeve dress which she accessorizes with a Lauren Merkin clutch and black Nicholas Kirkwood rose-accented sandals.

Ginnifer always likes to go left when everyone else goes right, so I’m not surprised by the choice.

I’m still trying to figure out if it was the right one for her. Something feels off.

Maybe it’s the blue nail polish that is throwing me, or the overall fit.

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  • IkeM

    Without the sleeves, mesh panelling and perhaps a slightly shorter hemline this look might have worked.

  • roxana

    it’s summer! no more dresses from fall collections!

  • Sonya

    It bugs me too, because a much taller person should be wearing this. She’s overwhelmed by the dress, it’s eating her up.

  • Luiza

    It was such a pleasure to see Ginnifer on the red carpet! What happened?? I really disliked her past few outings!!

  • Dhppy

    This reminds me of bad curtains. It also makes her look squat. A big miss.

  • Shaina

    For me it’s the fit, everything else is fine.

  • andrea

    I wish she would grow out her hair, I’m tired of the pixie look on her.

  • Sharon

    So drab, so unflattering, so aging, so wrong.

  • There’s something wrong and I think it’s the fit. It looks unflattering!

  • Parvati

    I don’t like anything about this look…

  • Rebecca Z

    Personally I think it is an ugly dress and definitely not for summer. She looks bored, and for good reason–she should get out and have some fun! I would kill for the runway shoes, though!

  • Nat

    This girl needs to stop it with the edgy/fashion forward style. It’s just not her thing, she can rarely pull it off.
    Plus, I agree with the previous commentators, this look is also totally awkard for the middle of June.

  • Susan

    This lovely girl does not look good. Ugh, winter is coming.

  • Petra

    I find it strange that i absolutely love this dress, even though it feels like she should’ve taken a dress one size smaller. The general idea was superb though.

  • robbie

    the dress looks amazing on the model but on ginnifer it looks bad.

  • mm

    the dress is not pretty

  • msd

    It’s the fit, I think. She looks boxy.

  • Dolly

    The overall effect is just bad, the dress makes her look like a square and matronly. Everything is sooo dark and depressing, she could have at least tried to brighten up the overall look with some bright accessories, but no. With her beautiful skin and features she really should be wearing something more ethereal rather than this drab outfit

  • Christine

    I like the dress in general. Just not on her!

  • Alina

    She’s ready for winter!

    • dee

      Me thoughts exactly. This isn’t season appropriate.

  • Jess2

    Ginnifer! What is happening?? Bad dress, bad fit, bad nail colour, bad shoes! Unfortunately, she is not rocking this look.

  • Emi

    When I read “in Viktor & Rolf” I thought “wow” but this looks like a granny dress… the length, the shape of the skirt. I also dislike the nail polish.

  • Betty Brandenburg

    The blue nail polish is the least of my worries. It’s a lovely dress, but it doesn’t fit! What a shame, could have been a great look!

  • Yeliz

    I think the dress makes her look matronly even with that mesh panel. I don’t like this look, Ginnifer can do much better.

  • DP

    This is very very off. The blue nail polish is a complete miss for me. The dress simply does not fit her. With all the sequins it’s a heavy dress and she is not pulling it off. And the shoes were a terrible choice. I don’t think there’s anything I like about this one.

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