Kyra Sedgwick In Reed Krakoff – ‘Man on a Ledge’ New York Screening

Kyra Sedgwick attended the New York screening of ‘Man on a Ledge’ at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York this evening.

The actress wore a Reed Krakoff Spring 2012 dress.

Her layered yellow silk dress with black trims and a sequined detail around the shoulders was a lovely bright hue for a cold evening in New York City.

I have a big problem with her shoe choice.

Even though they were presented with the look, they don’t work on Kyra.

A nice simple Jimmy Choo would’ve been much preferred as her choice feels really heavy and clunky for such a delicate dress.

Kyra completed her look with an updo, and a silver clutch from the same Reed Krakoff Spring 2012 collection.

So what do you think about the shoes?

Credit: & Getty

Do you love them or loathe them?

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  • EmmaWoodhouse

    If this is Little Miss Sunshine, then I want some clouds!

  • bianca

    What I like about the shoes, here, is that they don’t seem to be shiny, like they do on the runway.And I agree about the angle of the shot presented.It looks like they shot the picture from above.I was wondering if the shoes were identical with the ones from the runway.The shade of this yellow is definitely paler on the model, too

  • I thought I loved very elegant.

  • Lara

    Actually, I disagree. I think the shoes work just fine on her, and I love the pop of colour via her pedicure.

    • Manja

      me too

  • Mary Gatto

    I agree about the shoe choice. Maybe if she was taller and edgier. On the model it looks great, but on her it’s heavy. Go figure!

  • Carolina

    I think in this instance that the angle of the shot makes a difference. I’ve noticed before that many of these photos are skewed, shortening the actresses’ legs – and in this case, it increases the visual weight of the shoes. Granted, they are quite bold – but I would bet that the sense of balance between elements would be different with a similar shot to the model (who is also very differently lit).

  • Emi

    I like them on the runway, I really dislike them worn by her.

  • Dhppy

    I suppose she thought if the shoes were good enough for the Krakoff runway, they were good enough for her. I don’t understand what any of this has to do with winter in New York, though. I’m shivering from here.

  • Joy Taylor

    I think you should take it up with the designer. Obviously Kyra was taking what she thought was the easiest way to pull of this canary yellow dress by copying the complete runway look. This yellow is so refreshing to see in the middle of January!

  • TeaAtTwo

    While it looks cool and a little edgy on the model the shoes looks fussy on Kyra.

  • Alina

    Loathe them.

  • Nat39

    Agree, the shoes don`t really translate off the runway and don`t work for her. Yellow looks good on her, like that she kept the relaxed hairstyle.

    • Nat39

      But, technically, the shoes do work perfectly with the sporty feel of the dress, and I wouldn`t be wearing those pretty earrings and clutch with it. It`s just not a good choice of a dress for her to begin with.

  • Rebecca Z

    Don’t mind the shoes but I don’t like the color on her

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