December 20, 2023

Kendall Jenner Loves Bottega Veneta

We’ve seen Kendall Jenner on the streets of LA and Manhattan wearing a lot of Bottega Veneta this year.

So much so that Bottega Veneta used those paparazzi images from the photo agency Backgrid to create a Resort 2024 ad campaign.

Kendall is one of the most photographed women in the world, and a professional model, so pictures of her wearing Bottega Veneta running errands and walking her dog looking this good was very much a win-win for all involved.

If you are a sceptic, you are likely to believe that this was all planned from the jump. 

And you would be right, because A$AP Rocky, who also appears in the campaign called “READYMADE”, shared the following caption on Instagram.

“Throughout History, There Has Always Been A Funny Relationship Between Photographers And Celebrities. Even Down To The Rights And The Usage Of Photos, And The Tabloid Hustle, There’s Always Seemed To Be A Disconnection Between Famous People And The Photographers Who Follow & Film Them. While Certain Celebrities Call Paparazzi On Themselves, Other Celebrities Might Get Confrontational With Photographers. While A Very Small Few, Such As Myself, Don’t Mind, As Long As They Post The Good Angles, Of Course.

So, In Good Light Of Good Angled Photos, Myself And The Creative Minds @ #Bottegaveneta Thought It Would Be Genius To Bridge That Gap And Utilize My Every Day Lifestyle Type Of Photos Taken By Candid Photographers While I Do My Everyday Thing. So This Serves Less As A Campaign And More As A Creative Trifecta Brought To You By Bottega Venetta’s Matthieu Blazy, Myself A$Ap Rocky, And The Talented Tabloid Style Photographers Involved. Cheers & Thank U”

And there was me thinking he just really loved that pink Bottega Veneta bag.

Beverly Hills, CA  - *EXCLUSIVE*  - Super model Kendall Jenner shows off her model moves in a stunning leather trench coat from Bottega Veneta as she exits Wally’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Pictured: Kendall Jenner BACKGRID USA 11 DECEMBER 2023  USA: +1 310 798 9111 / UK: +44 208 344 2007 / *UK Clients - Pictures Containing Children Please Pixelate Face Prior To Publication*

With that all being said, I’m now looking at this latest picture of Kendall Jenner wearing a Bottega Veneta Spring 2024 leather parka and cape which she styled with Wolford tights, and wondering if this is part two of the campaign.

Even the way she is carrying the Bottega Veneta mini Andiamo cross-body bag looks very purposeful, and she appears styled to perfection.

But as we all know, the sidewalk has been an elevated runway for some time.

This was a genius campaign, and if anything it made the label appear more accessible. 

Bottega Veneta Spring 2024

Credit: Courtesy of Bottega Veneta &

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