February 14, 2023

‘Weekends with Adele’ In Prada & Cong Tri

'Weekends with Adele' In Prada

Pre and post the 2023 Grammys, Adele has continued to perform during her ‘Weekends with Adele’ residency, which will now run until March 25, 2023.

Pre-Grammys she wore a custom Prada black gown embellished with floral motif sequins and jais stone embroidery which she styled with Vera Belleza jewels.

'Weekends with Adele' In Cong Tri

Post-Grammys the singer wore a custom Cong Tri Swarovski crystal embellished gown stylized like a fireworks display where Delfina Delettrez jewels were added to the look.

Some of you might be looking at both gowns and wondering if this is a “spot the difference challenge.”

After all, both gowns are black, embellished, off-the-shoulder, A-shaped and feature bateau neckline.

While these gowns are completely different to her Louis Vuitton Grammys look, it would appear that her performance looks are designed with continuity in mind, as the British singer has kept to a black-tie dress code thought-out since she started back in November.

Clearly Adele feels most comfortable on stage sticking to this style, and I also feel it ensures that the audience focuses on her vocals.

Even as someone who lives for colour, there is no question that Adele shines on stage serving up grandiose style with true femininity.

All the custom looks Adele has worn during her residency will be archived, so I hope they will be displayed in an exhibition at some point.

Stylist: Jamie Mizrahi.

Credit: Raven B. Varona, Cong Tri & Prada

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