May 13, 2022

Samara Weaving Wore Louis Vuitton To Hulu’s ‘The Valet’ World Premiere

Samara Weaving Wore Louis Vuitton To Hulu's 'The Valet' World Premiere

Samara Weaving attended Hulu’s ‘The Valet’ world premiere held at The Montalban Theatre on Wednesday (May 11) in Hollywood, California, prior to the Louis Vuitton Resort 2023 show.

The Australian actress reminds us that when Louis Vuitton is good, it can be very very good.

While this isn’t a runway look, it has the same superheroine goddess vibe I was getting from the Resort 2023 collection today.

Sexy, yet powerful, I love the edger top half with the leather grommet accented straps, and how it is balanced with the airy chiffon skirt.

Simple strappy sandals completed her look.

I was really intrigued by a conversation some of you were having about Louis Vuitton – or Nicolas Ghesquière – having favourites in the comments recently. But surely when it comes to the “best looks” it comes down to selection?

A stylist once told me her client being given the “best options” by a brand she was closely affiliated with was a myth.

And what it really came down to was the stylist picking the best options, and ensuring tweaks were made from the sketch to completion if it was custom made.

She said she couldn’t left it to the brand to do whatever they wanted, but she was never prepared to send her client on the red carpet wearing something just because of the label.

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