Karolina Kurkova In Mary Katrantzou – 2013 Met Gala

Karolina Kurkova In Mary Katrantzou - 2013 Met Gala

Karolina Kurkova took the red carpet at the 2013 Met Gala in New York City on Monday evening.

The Czech supermodel worked a custom Mary Katrantzou one-sleeve mini dress with a 3-D effect skirt to perfection.

Her multi-print dress may come off as too busy for some, but she has the style, confidence and attitude to make it work.

Studded ankle-strap pumps, a slicked back hairdo, extreme smoky eyes and a nude pout completed the look.

I had no doubt that Karolina would fully embrace the theme.

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36 thoughts on “Karolina Kurkova In Mary Katrantzou – 2013 Met Gala

  1. Charlotte

    I don’t like the dress at all, especillay the asymmetry. Her hair are not great either.
    This may be good with the theme but it’s a no for me.

  2. Jeremy

    she looks absolutely phenomenal.

    she’s just got such striking features. and there’s something about KK – i’m not sure whether it’s her long career as a model or just something that’s innate, but she has such a commanding presence. look at her in these pictures and then just legit try and imagine yourself standing beside her, keeping in mind that she’d be about 6’3″ in those heals. it truly would be quite something to see her all done up like this, in person.

    i love the Mary Katrantzou dress! I love the busy aspect of it. i think she’s rocking it and showing off those legs. the hair and makeup are totally punk and totally awesome.

    REALLY stunning.

    1. Stel

      I totally agree!! Fantastic futuristic look, and the hair are so punk chic!! I love this woman, I love Mary Katrantzou, I love it all!!

  3. leena sloane

    Dear catherine,
    I wish I could read your review for the rest 2013 met gala attendee: cara delevigne, karlie kloss, uma thurman, carie mulligan, gisele bundchen, doutzen kroes, anja rubik, kate upton, olivia wilde, jessica hart, ashley madekwe, ivanka trump, giuliana rancic, kim kardashian.

  4. the ogre

    what i like about this year’s Met Gala so far is that there r either hits or just misses, nothing in between, nothing that has me on the fence. and the hits r just phenomenal embracing all the elements such as theme, personal style aesthetic, etc. this look is another big hit! its phenomenal not only because its karolina but also because it just has all the elements wrapped in one!

  5. Yeliz

    I’m not a fan of the dress, but she is totally making this look work. Love her pose.

  6. bb

    This has to be the worst red carpet ever. No wow moments and no big stars to be honest. I know it was a punk night, but still it all went pretty wrong, especially when i consider Katie Holmes of all people to be the best dressed of the night.

    I liked Naomie Harris and Uma Thurman, but that was about it. I am most dissapointed with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez, they rarely dissapoint.

  7. maria

    She does look stunning.

    What I am curious to know is why there seems to be such high expectations for everyone to dress so “punk”. I mean, it’s a fashion event, not a masquerade ball.

    I get that every year there’s a different theme to the exhibition, but why does it have to be so literal?

    Heavy eye make-up and some studs doesn’t make it “punk” btw.

  8. Joy

    God I adore her. She looks so fierce, as ALWAYS. I’m loving the shoes, makeup, and hair. The dress is great and all but I was expecting something else for the Met Gala. But she looks AMAZING none the less! My obsession continues.

  9. Wizzer

    I liked KK’s look at first but then someone else described it as ‘Hen Night in Ibiza’ and now I can’t unsee it!

    1. lola

      i don’t blame ya…good description…the fierce attitude is some very common supermodel pout grimace-thingy…- she has incredibly gorgeous legs…i’ll give her that..

  10. Nat39

    Major disappointment for me, I expected to be wowed by her, this is just underwhelming.

    1. Marybeth

      I am likewise disappointed.
      It’s a nice look but nothing special for her. It seems awfully casual for this event.

  11. sammy

    I worship Karolina Kurkova and this is just a disappointment. The hair is whack, the dress is just too much, her makeup was so off….it makes me so emotional. Why Karolina why!!!!!!!

  12. Angela

    I love Mary Katrantzou and KK, so by default I love the dress and she works the he’ll out of it. The major problem is that this pattern has been seen a lot and I wish she would’ve been more dramatic and gone for a bold gown to steal the show. Since it doesn’t have nearly as much of an impact, she misses my Top 5.

  13. TeaAtTwo

    For most occasions I’d think is really great and I love her attitude and posing but for this occasion it feels a tad underwhelming. I was expecting something bigger and bolder like when Elizabeth Banks wore Katrantzou last year or when Karolina wore Gautier to Mcqueen themed Gala.

  14. Flavia Style Source

    You need to like that fabric to be able to wear it. It is not my personal style, but I guess that is not Kurkova’s either. At Cannes festival she wore a totally different type of fabric, without much prints. The play of floral prints with thick vertical lines in an extra-fitted short jersey dress do not make good home altogether.

    There not much harmony between the colors with the exception perhaps of the floral motifs which are already heavy.

    The extra-fitted dress, even a perfect beautiful one, would have worked a little better in a longer tenue and one size up, to look only fitted and well.


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