Amy Adams In Oscar de la Renta – 2013 Oscars


‘The Master’ actress Amy Adams made a grand entrance at the 2013 Academy Awards red carpet today at California’s Dolby Theatre in the Hollywood & Highland Center.

Before the show even started, the nominee paraded out her own Oscar—Oscar de la Renta, that is—wearing a fairytale-inspired, princess ball-gown by the designer.

The powdery blue colour of this confection could have faded into the background, but not with its extravagant design that featured fluffy layers of feathery tulle that trailed several feet behind her.

Her train nearly needed its own entourage to maneuver down the red carpet line.

Like Jessica Chastain, Amy didn’t go too far with her accessories. With the sweetheart bodice, she skipped a necklace and wore a pair of simple diamond drop earrings and a braided rope bracelet.

Her auburn locks were pulled into a twisted updo, while a petal-pink lip played into the extreme softness of this look.

Up next for Amy is taking on the role of Lois Lane in ‘Man of Steel.’ Was she a superhero of style for you?

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36 thoughts on “Amy Adams In Oscar de la Renta – 2013 Oscars

  1. Angela

    I feel like Emma Watson wore a very similar dress at the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 Premiere. While it may be dramatic, this look is anything but new.

    1. gurlygurl

      Agreed, this is very familiar. The drama is what I expect at the Oscars however and I like that she’s kept it simple with her accessories.

  2. EmmaWoodhouse

    YES YES YES! I don’t care if this is neutral or is similar to other dresses! This is one of my favorites of the night–it is unabashedly dramatic, beautiful, ethereal, and princess like! Thank you Amy for BRINGING the drama! It’s like she’s back in Enchanted :) which makes me happy–and I love her hair and earrings! :) Top Five for sure!

  3. Christopher Teoh

    Very much ENCHANTED!!! The Man Of Steel actress wows the crowd in this breathtaking powder blue Oscar de la Renta creation with sweetheart bodice and delicate ruffled train!! Love that she skip the necklace for only the drop diamond earrings and love the retro updo for this princessy creation!! Definitely BDOTW worthy for Amy Adams!!

  4. vicky

    Seen it before so many times. The best version of this kind of dress is Charlize Theron in bkuebfrom a few years ago.
    This is too pale.

    1. TeaAtTwo

      That’s exactly where my mind went to first when I saw this. Though she does look pretty there’s nothing new or exciting here.

  5. Fromchi-town

    She looked beautiful on screen. I really liked her but its again something we have seen many times. Nobody blew me away on the red carpet. Nobody really took any risks.

  6. Marybeth

    I think it’s lovely. Every Oscars should have at least one beauty in a princessy gown.
    The hair isn’t quite right but overall I like this.

  7. MaddyEliza

    Can you say princess?! She looks amazing! Yes it’s been done before but that doesn’t keep me from loving it. :)

  8. Yeliz

    I don’t care if this was done before, because I am in love with this look. She looks spectacular from head-to-toe and ranks very high on my best dressed list. I just LOVE it!

  9. Noey

    Of course, she reminds Emma Watson ! The two dresses come frome Oscar de la Renta, but when you look both, they stay differents !

  10. Colleen

    I love this gown, but my first thought was “haven’t we already seent his dress on Penelope Cruz?”. Very similar to the one she wore in 2007. Beautiful none the less, though.

  11. Felicia

    Way too deja vu but still can’t deny the fact that she looks beautiful. Everything is styled to perfection

  12. Samiya

    could she look more washed-out?! big disappointment Amy!! :( both the dress and her horrifying hair n makeup!! she looks like she was busy washing clothes and had to rush into a dress without bothering to fix herself up! *sad*

  13. Shanna Carson

    I think that Naomi Watts absolutely killed it with her dress. Perfection. Not getting what wasn’t to love about it. I loved Zoe Saldana and Nicole Kidmans dresses but in my opinion it was Naomi by a mile. I also loved how Kristin Stewart was a hot mess, and Jennifer Lawrence looked terrific even falling over.


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