Charlotte Casiraghi In Elie Saab – ‘Cartier Exhibition’ Gala Presentation

Charlotte Casiraghi attended the ‘Cartier Exhibition’ gala presentation at the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, Spain, two weeks ago.

She opted to wear an Elie Saab Fall 2012 gown for the occasion.

Whilst grey is admittedly not my favourite colour, this silk-chiffon draped bustier gown with a matching shawl is beautiful on Charlotte.

Charlotte didn’t wearing the matching buckle belt; instead she accessorized with a stunning Cartier choker, a slate-grey clutch and shimmering silver sandals.

A chic updo and flawless makeup completed her look.

I have often wondered why Charlotte’s style is so well regarded, having never been that excited about her red carpet looks, but here, I get it.

You can buy Charlotte’s Elie Saab gown in coral from Boutique 1.

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  • Sarah Caroline

    Charlotte Casiraghi is just an exquisite beauty, it always saddens me that her grandmother didn’t get to live to see her and all of Grace and Rainier’s lovely and handsome children.
    Charlotte always seems effortlessly chic, and I really like this dress in grey. I mean, how many black dresses do you see on every red carpet? Occasionally a red gown, a “nude”. I love that she wears what she wants to wear. She knows what looks good on and I can’t think of any icky missteps she’s made. (Since this is from 2012, I even checked high end consignment shops to see if I could find this dress. No luck this time, but I will definitely continue to keep an eye out for Ms. Casiraghi. And beg people to, for heaven’s sake, stop calling her royal. She certainly looks it, I won’t argue that! 🙂

  • Mickey

    I love the dress and she’s beautiful, but I feel like it doesn’t suit her…

  • Dhppy

    Oooh! That was my first and last reaction to this. Ooooh!

  • Amy

    the green version would have been better but she looks regal

  • Jess2

    She looks beautiful and regal! A really great look. I absolutely adore the coral and green versions of this dress!

  • She’s one of the few aristocratic girl who is beautiful, for real. She’s the granddaughter of iconic Grace Kelly, I think it’s enough to be at the center of attention (if you think about all the fuss about an ordinary and usually bad dressed girl like Pippa Middleton…). I think she looks beautiful, here, great dress.

    • Sarah Caroline

      There is no reason to be unkind to others, Princess Grace was certainly never that way, and Charlotte is certainly not known to be catty.
      An interesting thing about Grace is how little she cared about clothes. People mention the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, who seems to shock people by wearing dresses more than once. When I was involved in the research and writing about Grace, I often had trouble matching a photo to an event, because usually it would be, “OK, that is the white Dior, so that was the so and so event”. But then I would notice her earrings were slightly different or
      Some of her most iconic looks were worn several times- one of faves, the dress she wore to accept her Oscar in 1955, had been worn to the premiere of “The Country Girl”, and at least two dates with the man who really helped shape her “Grace Kelly style”, Oleg Cassini.
      I guess my point is that Grace, Princess Caroline, and now Charlotte sort of blazed their own trails. I love that she chose this color, she looks like a model even in candid paparazzi shots from that evening.

  • TeaAtTwo

    I adore this look- I might have chosen a lighter grey clutch but neverless BDOTW stunning. Her best look since her Giambattista Valli dress at Monaco royal wedding.

  • Kathy

    I wish she had chosen the dark green version of the dress from the runway, or even the salmon-colored one pictured here. Both are more exciting than the grey, which looks drab and it ages her. Nevertheless, she looks really stunning and I’m in love with the necklace.

  • Pedro

    She is soooooo gorgeous!

  • Beta

    she looks good. While the sandals are not my fave, she looks very royal here.
    I often find the Monaco royals love chanel too much, as in unhealthy, and the pieces they choose are often not particularly flattering. Out of them, my favourite style-wise is Charlene

  • Moxie

    I like the green better, but the grey is elegant.

  • Emmeline

    She looks gorgeous. I actually really like the color, I think it provides a beautiful backdrop for her necklace.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    OH my gosh I have never seen her look this beautiful. Flawless, and I’m glad the slit isn’t showing. It was unspeakably trashy on the model.
    Charlotte looks amazing.

  • Elie Saab gowns are beyond perfect!

  • Christine

    She looks pretty but I like the look book version color.

  • Rebecca Z

    Gorgeous and very classy. I don’t miss the belt at all and tho the gown in gorgeous in the original color, it is just a gorgeous in grey. Can she still be considered for BDOTW even tho it was a couple of weeks ago? Hard to imagine what will top this for sheer class.

    • Nat39

      I don’t miss the belt either, it was a smart choice not to wear it as she had to showcase the Cartier necklace.

    • Linda

      So elegant and beautiful. The colour is divine on her and she’s elegance personified. BDOTW.

  • Ramsay

    I would never have pictured Charlotte as an Elie Saab lady (too much sparkle for her taste) but she chooses one of Saab’s simpler pieces. She looks quite amazing in it and that necklace completes it perfectly. Charlotte is a very beautiful lady (that face, that shoulder line) and also an innately refined one. I have always understood the hype around her and shared it. I think she and her mother are among the best dressed women out there.

  • Mary Gatto

    Beautiful, classy, elegant! BDOTW already for me 😉

  • Nat

    She looks beautiful and the styling is perfect: the sandals, the necklace, hair&makeup…everything is great.
    But the runway gown is like my favourite colour, so personally I can’t help but wish she had worn that instead of grey (although it’s a good colour on her).

  • Ewwww, that’s disgusting, the model’s wearing the dress way too revealingly in the lower area

  • katie

    Wow she looks effortlessly flawless, so beautiful. I think she has her own classy unique european style that only she can pull off.

  • Charlotte

    I like it but I wish she had wore the green version.

    • SilentVisitor


    • dee


    • Rash

      +1.I find this color is a bit dull.

  • Yeliz

    Very chic and stunning, I love this look.

    • tiffany


  • christine

    with a face like this.. it is almost impossible for her to look bad. that said, i wish she was wearing the belt and less matronly shoes. she still looks stunning though.

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