Shailene Woodley In Jason Wu – ‘Trophee Chopard In Partnership With Variety Magazine’

Shailene Woodley and Sean Penn posed onstage at ‘Trophee Chopard In Partnership With Variety Magazine’ at the Martinez Hotel yesterday evening during Cannes Film Festival.

I had this Jason Wu Fall 2012 gown on my wish list for Blake Lively, but instead it has been worn by the ‘Descendants’ actress.

I adore this black silk devore velvet gown with gold medallion embroidery on the shoulders, but I wish Shailene had worn her hair up so it didn’t have to compete with the shoulder details.

A metal waistband and black-and-gold strappy Jason Wu ‘The Egrette’ sandals from the same collection completed her look.

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  • Parvati

    It’s a quite nice look for Shailene. I also think she should have worn her hair up, because of the shoulder details, but apart from that, she looks really good.

  • Dhppy

    I agree that Shailene doesn’t quite have the right oomph to sell this dress properly. However, I’m glad this dress was worn by a tall drink of water. A shorter actress could not have done this justice, no matter how much attitude she brought to the event.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    With a less revealing slit I would love this gown. However, I don’t think Shailene has the star power to pull this off. Her hair style is letting her down here as well. Diane Kruger should’ve worn this!

  • Rebecca Z

    Wow, she has SOME legs! Yes, she doesn’t quite have the sophistication for this look. Some day.

  • hannah

    I had this on my wishlist for Jennifer Lawrence, but unfortunately Shailene got to it first. Shailene could have looked amazing in this gown, she has such amazing DNA, but, as with basically everything she wore during awards season, it is just ‘meh’.

  • Riley

    She looks great other than the hair and apparent discomfort. But maybe it’s the just this one picture that doesn’t make her appear confident. I like the dress on her though.

  • Her sandals are by Jason Wu (fall 2012), too.

    • Fashion Critic

      Thanks. One day I will hope to have time to study shoes 😀 I don’t know why they are my Achilles heel…pardon the pun x

      • EmmaWoodhouse

        LOL FC that was a very clever pun 🙂

  • bm

    She’s a good girl. She doesn’t have an image to pull off this look.

  • dee

    Love this gown but I wish someone else wore it. She isn’t quite selling this for me.

    • Alina

      I agree.

      Rosie, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez would have been better choices.

  • kim

    Not a fab looks by any means but definitely one of the best by Shailene. Its a little hot in Cannes for velvet no?

  • Bec

    This was one of my favourite dresses of the season and although she looks nice she just doesn’t have the presence to pull it off.

    Blake would have worked the hell out of this!!

  • Yeliz

    I really really wanted to see this gown on the red carpet and Shailene didn’t disappoint me, she looks beautiful BUT I think Candice looks much better in this gown.

  • Nat

    I would have loved to see this on Blake and yes, it would have looked better with an up-do but still…I love this. She looks great.

  • Mandy

    She looks great ! And tall ! Never knew she had the height !

    • kim

      shes 5’9″!!

      • TL

        She’s 5’6″, not 5’9″.

      • TL

        my bad… it’s from couple years ago…she’s 5’8″ now. :p

  • TL

    I wish I could see this gown on Gisele or Rosie, it’s such a beautiful gown, but I don’t think Shailene has the power to rule it.

    • bee7


      • Christine

        Exactly. Better fit for Blake, Rosie and the likes.

    • Tina


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