Kat Graham In The Blonds – Logo’s New Now Next Awards

Rye Rye’s objective was to be colourful on the red carpet whilst attending of Logo’s New Now Next Awards at Avalon in Hollywood, California yesterday evening, whilst Kat Graham’s was to sparkle.

The ‘Vampire’s Diaries’ actress wore a print dress enriched with Swarovski crystals from The Blonds Fall 2012 collection.

Blinged out to the max, she still opted for embellished heels with spiked details.

Her now signature high ponytail completed her look.

Credit: Getty

12 thoughts on “Kat Graham In The Blonds – Logo’s New Now Next Awards

  1. MEME

    I love the dress and the corset…. but those shoes… NOPE!!!…. she should’ve worn those PVC Louboutins instead…. they would have completed the look….

  2. mel

    Oh she looks very glam pop, I like. Always love The Blonds and people who can pull them off, and I think she does well. Those shoes are kind of insane but I like them.

    Nice to see her on here as her looks are always interesting and fashion forward even if I don’t personally like them in the slightest.

  3. Sonia

    I don’t like the shoes at all, she should have gone with plain silver Louboutins but I love the print and fit of the dress.

    The high ponytail is a tad OTT but people who know Kat and her style will know that the high ponytail is very her. Is it a bit weird looking? Yes, but that’s who Kat is and I’m glad that she’s not letting Hollywood’s conventional way of looking “pretty” define/change her.

  4. Oscar

    I think she’s just TOO tacky and always tries too hard. This would’ve been so much better in Katy Perry, perhaps.


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