Julianne Moore In Lanvin – ‘Game Change’ Premiere

HBO’s ‘Game Change’ premiered in New York City last night, with Julianne Moore, who plays Sarah Palin in the movie, front and centre at the Ziegfeld Theatre.

The actress wore a Lanvin black-and-white dress custom made by Alber Elbaz.

Many of you have been cursing the Julianne Moore / Lanvin collaboration since its inception, whilst I’ve liked a few looks but this one isn’t doing anything for me, or Julianne sadly.

The look feels a bit drab, even with the inclusion of the two-tone green-and-blue Lanvin ‘Red Passion’ lacquer minaudiere.

I think the look would have worked better as a solid colour because I’m not fond of the ivory skirt.

The rest of her accessories included a gold chain Lanvin bracelet and Bugarli jewels with a chic updo and pink lip colour completing her look.

Fab or drab?

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25 thoughts on “Julianne Moore In Lanvin – ‘Game Change’ Premiere

  1. bec

    Drab…if the skirt was a more vibrant colour it may have worked, but like you said, the ivory is doing nothing for her!

  2. Angela R.

    I like it but I would have prefered another color for the skirt because this nude makes her look a bit fatty around her tummy. Anyway, her makeup, hairdo and accesories are impecable.

  3. Faellie

    I’m on the fab side: I like the fit and construction (perfect for her figure), the lack of a necklace (which would distract) and the balance of colours between the lipstick and minaudiere.

    1. Linda

      Me too. At first glance I wasn’t so sure, but after a few seconds I appreciated the beauty of it. The lipstick and accessories make the look.

  4. CTgirl

    In my opinion the shape of the dress makes Julianne look very blocky without any definition to her figure. The cream skirt bothers me because the fabric doesn’t have enough body to skim over her trouble areas since she’s not a runway model. The lip is too jarring. Fail.

  5. Luiza

    I think Fab! Everything is very well put together! However, she looks liveless or tired, and that’s what bothers me. A better posture and a smile would’ve made a big difference!

  6. dee

    The only thing I like are her hair, makeup and bag. The dress is not doing her figure any favors.

  7. Rebecca Z

    I like the dress, but not her hair. It would all have looked better if her hair were down in my opinion. I can do without the pink lipstick.

  8. Nia

    Fab. I think the black and white contrast worked beautifully and was well put together. The green, and hot pink lips added just the right amount of colour. I saw live video of her at this event on another site, I think she looked radiant and glowing.

  9. Nia

    I think I would have liked this more on her if instead the bottom was black and the top was hot pink (eg).

  10. Nat39

    The look itself is very well put together, just not a good choice of a dress for her figure to begin with.

  11. EmmaWoodhouse

    Lovely hair and makeup, but +1 to J’s comment about the rectangles. It looks like cardboard.

  12. Parvati

    I never really was a fan of Julianne Moore’s Lanvin looks, but I actually like this one! It’s chic and the green clutch adds a nice pop of colour.


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