June 23, 2023

Front Row @ Givenchy Spring 2024 Men’s Part II

We have more from the front row of the Givenchy Men’s Spring 2024 show, which was jam-packed with celebrities, with only one giving us some summer flair.

And that was given to us by Greg Tarzan Davis

The ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One’ actor had me at “hello” when I saw his cool white Givenchy suit, but he lost me with the sneakers.

A pair of loafers, or a driving shoe would’ve been preferred.

Here, Evan Mock is the poster child of Matthew M. Williams’ grunge aesthetic.

Jack Harlow may like elevated sweats and sneakers, but for the red carpet he will always go a more sophisticated route.

I remember when I used to adore Jared Leto’s style, but when he turned a corner into “trying-way-too-hardville” I struggle to take him seriously anymore.

He will have his great moments, but this fur coat is beyond ridiculous at this present time.

I’m only buying into the Givenchy tailoring without the coat.

Without the name credit, (and the necklace) I wouldn’t have recognised Maluma with this new way he is wearing his hair.

I’m on the fence with the boots, but I’m buying into the tailoring with the cargo jeans.

Miguel wore the trousers with the knee cut-outs from the Givenchy Fall 2023 collection.

I would’ve loved this more if they were shorts.

I was kinda surprised to see Paul “Dolce & Gabbana” Dano here, but thankfully he didn’t lean into the grunge aesthetic the label is now known for.  Instead, he served up his usual elegance in the label’s sleek tailoring.

Quavo didn’t step outside his comfort-zone with this rapper- approved look.

Neither did UK grime artist Skepta.

I wonder if Tyga performed “Man’s Not Hot” with Jared Leto at the after-party, because I can’t with these fur coats. 

Credit: Givenchy

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