Charlize Theron In Dior Couture – 2014 Met Gala

Charlize Theron In Dior Couture - 2014 Met Gala

Charlize Theron looks fabulous on the red carpet of the 2014 Met Gala on Monday (May 5) in New York City.

The beautiful actress rocked a Dior Couture gown with a chic tuxedo jacket thrown effortlessly over her shoulders. She added an extra feminine touch to her monochrome ensemble with dazzling Fred Leighton jewels.

Her signature swept-back blonde hair added to the crazy cool vibe this look gives off. Charlize’s subtly sexy makeup provided just the right touch.

I love when a woman takes a risk with menswear, and still holds onto their femininity. Her look is so refreshing at an event like this. She does no wrong in my book! Do you agree?

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  • Parvati

    Gorgeous, as always!

  • ramsay

    In a way I agree with everything that has been said (good and back)- I understand both points of views – still I can’t help myself but absolutely love this – to the level of seeing her as the best dressed last night
    And yes, there is something deja vu in this dress – and yes the addition of the back jacket is incredibly chic and special – and yes the jewellery is quite amazing – but I don’t think me liking it that much has only to do with these elements
    I really think it’s all about her – the way she carries herself, her utter beauty, her pose, her class, her tall body of a woman with curves in all the right places
    She makes everything she wears more beautiful
    I honestly do not think I would have been as enamored by this look had it been worn even by some of Hollywood’s most beautiful ladies (e.g. Bullock, Witherspoon, Adams, Lawrence etc.)
    She makes it beautiful, the same way she made her Oscar dress of this year and last year more beautiful than they actually were
    She’s in a way with a league with a few other actresses (really a handful – the ones I can think of are Blanchett, Kidman, Swinton) who have an innate quality that just put them above the rest (though there are many other beautiful actresses e.g. Jolie)
    You know that any dress will likely look better on Blanchett than any other person cause it would look more regal on her
    You know that Kidman’s height and utter class will elevate any piece
    You know that even the simplest pieces (think a few Celine pieces she has worn over the years) will look more interesting or intellectual on Tilda
    And we criticize Dior for donning frocks to Lawrence that do not work on her but these dresses are very similar to the ones than Charlize wears – but it’s just that Charlize can make them work
    That’s because Charlize has the physique of a movie star – And the drama of a Dior dress needs a woman with this physique – Jennifer is more of a girl next door – she would look good in many American brands (Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, etc.) i.e. designers with a more straight forward esthetic – but not Dior
    Charlize is really what represents best the Dior woman (and Marion with all her French-ness is a good ambassador too)
    I really think that it is not a level playing field and that any look is as much about the dress itself (and the styling) as the woman wearing it

  • Nat39

    I feel like we’ve seen this gown many times before. Nothing to get excited about, and it feels rather formal at the event where you expect to see drama and glamour.

  • Danielle

    Charlize is just so stunning!

  • Marcel


  • Carrie

    No surprise, she looks effortlessly stunning! Wow.

  • d

    she always looks amazing!! <3

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    Well add this to the list of YES x1000! She looks AMAZING, a great take on the theme–and just so statuesque and beautiful. Definitely pinning this to my BDOTY contenders list.

  • chryssa

    Seems i belong to the minority but i absolutely dislike this dress on her..don’t like the hair reminds me of Melanie Griffith in the 80’s.

  • Silvia

    She looks like she has no waist, I don’t know if it’s her body or the dress.

  • Kay

    I’m sorry to be the party pooper here but that dress does nothing to her. She looks wide on the waist and the black stripes on the dress are supposed to create an optical illusion to make her look wasp waist. she never had a wasp waist so that was the intent but its not working here. The jacket, which is no a tux, but just a plain black jacket makes her look like she’s hiding her arms and shoulders for some reason. Not her best look at all.

  • adrian

    no denying she looks amaze!

  • Flaunt

    Wow. I am amazed at how effortless she is with her elegance and poise. She makes everyone else appear to be trying too hard. No other woman there should stand next to this goddess. BDOTW. Dior should hold on to her for a long time. What a great ambassador.

  • Pedro

    Queen Charlize looks perfect!


  • Larissa

    With her gorgeous face, perfect body and fierce presence she can pull off pretty much everything. Love the effortless elegance of this look.

  • Christine

    She looks amazing! She looks so good

  • Sanya

    Charlize is the best ambassador for Dior ever. She is the only one who always pulls it off.

  • jo

    Sha can’t be human. With her grace, she is the person that I look up to. Perfection as always

  • Yeliz

    LOVE this BDOTY worthy look. This is breathtaking, I can’t stop looking at it. She totally blew me away. This is Charlize at her best. She and Karolina are my top favourites.

  • Jones19

    WOW WOW WOW one of her best looks EVER.

  • Revital

    I am sorry to be a party killer and I may be the only one but I don’t like this dress on her, I think it makes her looks fat.

    • justme

      I wouldn’t say fat but the dress makes her look wider than she is.
      I think people are overlooking that because the gala was such a disappointment.

  • Very beautiful. She never fails on the red carpet.

  • kane

    At first sight I found this stunning, but actually it’s fairly simple and I wouldn’t necessarily say the good kind of simple.

    • justme

      I agree and Lord knows I live for Charlize’s style.

  • Betelgeuze

    Wow wow wow.
    I can’t think of a sentence to descibe this that contains more then one superlative word. One of my favourites, if not The favourite. I’ll definitely remember this look when choosing a BDOTY.

  • amy

    werk. so statuesque

  • Valissa

    Wow!! I gasped when I saw this! It’s simply stunning and Charlize (as always) looks statuesque and goddess-like.
    This is going on my best dressed of the night list…

  • cherrysoftness

    What a commanding presence, standing anywhere near her must have made a ton of celebrities in this event feel ridiculous over their choices. Making an impact and bringing the drama for the Met Gala does not mean wearing an ugly, shiny costume. It means, this. A mini skirt is not cool nor will it make you stand out. This, will.

    • Charlotte

      I think people confused being edgy and risky with wearing the most ridiculous garments, but in true style is how do you wear said piece and make it your own, even if it’s just a classic dress like this. But even then, she take it to the next level and paired it with the tuxedo jacket. Perfect!

      • Grace Patricia

        Totally true.

  • Derro

    Best dressed! Hands down!

  • arang

    She seems to carry off a lot simply by virtue of her charisma, gorgeous face, and statuesque presence. (Nothing wrong with that, of course.) That said, I find the actual dress a bit underwhelming.

  • justine

    Probably the wrong place to ask this, but FC, are you going to do Amber Heard at the gala?

  • maria

    how interesting see her getting older

  • saula

    She looks great!!!

  • Cinders

    Holy cow! My jaw dropped when I saw this. She looks amazing. Easily my favorite.

  • Mandy

    I like the gown but i dislike her earrings at all. Im on the fence about the jacket.

  • Amanda

    Wow! stunning and statuesque. Amazing!

  • Alex V

    Should’ve been your oscars dress awars

  • pinksugar

    Hands down the best of the night. Charlize knows how to bring it when she wants to. She did not disappoint.

  • lamodesedémodelestylejamais

    The ‘Don’t you know who I think I am’ stare has been perfected here. That said this is stunning all around.

  • Ariadne

    She looks gorgeous and elegant.

  • Alina

    Charlize at her best.

  • Kate

    Charlize pulls this off with such ease! I love this look!

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