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Henry Cavill In Ralph Lauren Purple Label – ‘Man of Steel’ Madrid Premiere

Henry Cavill In Ralph Lauren - Man of Steel Madrid Premiere

With Amy Adams spotted back stateside, it’s left to the guys to continue promoting ‘Man of Steel’.

Henry Cavill was joined by Russell Crowe – who stars as his dad in the movie – at the Capital Cinema in Madrid, Spain on Monday evening for the premiere of the movie they call ‘El Hombre de Acero’.

Once again, I find myself more attracted to Henry’s handsome good looks than his suit.

Opting for another three-piece look, his Ralph Lauren Purple Label charcoal suit was styled with a purple shirt and purple knit tie; I find myself once again bothered by the waistcoat.

And that is not my only issue: the pants and blazers are in different shades of grey, but that could be intentional or bad lighting.

Either way, I’m only liking this from the breastbone up. So far, I sadly haven’t been too enamoured with Henry’s run on this promo tour.

He still has time to pull it back with Shanghai, Sydney and South America yet to conquer.

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  • EmmaWoodhouse

    The different grays are bothering me, and the suit is a bit off, but I appreciate the effort he’s been making.

  • Nat39

    Negative points asides, he looks very polished and the look is very nicely color-coordinated.

  • KatieKate

    Agree with the overriding sentiment above, but that head shot is so beautiful, I could not stop looking at it. And I think purple is a great color on him. He is something!

    • Christine


  • Christine

    Not his best look

  • dee

    He always looks so stiff to me. Not appealing.

    • Ariel

      Same! I can t get rid of the impression he s a muscly version of the plastic Ken. Hopefully he ll change something about his facial expression, make-up, posture and suits…, since he s such a handsome man!

  • CreoleLady

    Agree with those bemoaning the vest. He’s already built, doesn’t need more layers. And why is he in what appears to be a sack cut suit? I guess to accommodate his physique but it’s disappointing that it can’t be a bit more tailored to show that incredible “vee”, broad shoulders to narrow waist.

    LOVED him in that gorgeous white/cream casual look at the Taormina photocall but that’s about it for me.

  • Denise

    He needs to take off that waistcoat. He is suffocated by too many clothes. So handsome though.

    • Lisa

      Yes – take off all his clothes – best idea yet! I don’t like his suits either. I cant help thinking his thick ties are making his head look too small for his body…

  • naomie

    Who is the blind man choosing his suits?
    He needs light, slimming suits. He looks like he couldn’t lift his arms even if he wanted.

    • jkrau

      EXACTLY. He looks SO buttoned up, literally and figuratively. So uncomfortable.

      The collar and tie have been too wide this whole tour, and even if he wants to be formal and classic, three-piece suits don’t work for him, or in July.

  • Yeliz

    I can’t get past of how handsome his face is. I do like the suit on this occasion as well, the fit is fine. I’m not really bothered by the colour difference of the blazer and the pants, in fact I didn’t even noticed it.

  • Thalia

    How gorgeous is this man! Seriously. I think the only people who would be bothered to check out what he wears are straight men, the rest of us will just be swooning at his handsome self.

  • Beta

    at least he’s making an effort, which is more than B-Pitt for the WWZ promo

    • I agree, Brad Pitt used to dress so well and now he’s always sloppy.
      I wish Henry Cavill wore more spring summer outfits, light fabrics, this looks are good for f/w. He looks absolutely beautiful, anyway.

      • KatieKate


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