Cheryl Cole In Zuhair Murad – ‘Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian)’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Cheryl Cole In Zuhair Murad - 'Jimmy P (Psychotherapy Of A Plains Indian)' Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Like Fan Bingbing on Wednesday, Cheryl Cole broke a long standing Cannes Film Festival tradition this evening at the ‘Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian)’ premiere.

The UK star, who usually only makes one appearance during this festival, opted not to wear Stéphane Rolland as expected; instead she wore a Zuhair Murad Fall 2013 gown.

Honestly, I’m not that surprised considering I failed to picture any of the looks from the recent Stéphane Rolland Spring 2013 Couture working for the petite singer.

This rich maroon sheer long-sleeve gown with beaded embellishments is more fitting to her Cannes glam style, with a sexy bouffant with a loose braid completing her look.

Last year the L’Oreal girls worked bold colours on the red carpet, however, this year it appears to be all about a more natural look.

Did Cheryl make the right gown choice?

Credit: Zuhair Murad & Getty

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  • Sarah G

    I want this dress so much for prom!! Someone tell me where I can buy it PLEASE

    • Catherine Kallon

      Try Zuhair Murad

  • Moxie

    Gorgeous look H2T.

  • I love Zuhair Murad’s dresses, they’re like a fantasty. Amazing creations!! This one is absolutely stunning!

  • Jess2

    I really like this from the back.

  • CreoleLady

    After seeing Paz Vega in that tragic white Rolland (I had to avert my eyes, it was such a car crash), I’d say that Cheryl Cole made the right choice to look elsewhere. Cole looks positively dazzling compared to Vega. Love the back view.

  • I have mixed feelings about the dress — it seems a bit too old for her — but her hair is FABULOUS! What a smart way of wearing one’s hair down without it interfering with the neckline of the dress.

  • justme

    Her hair is always so big, it has put me off of a lot of her looks in the past.
    Anyway, the dress is pretty.

  • Rosanna

    It’s terribly aging.

  • EmmaWoodhouse

    I like elements of it. The back is really beautiful, and her hair is interesting. I love the color and the embellishment but the sheer plunging sweetheart neckline is rather tacky/campy looking. It’s not the wow moment I was hoping for.

  • H

    I was hoping for THE DRESS to remember as the previous years, but thus one is good. By the way, I love her from the back as her hair is gorgeous and what they have done with it, beautiful!

  • OMG did you see the back Catherine????? With her wild braid!!!!!

  • NotAGirl

    Tacky dress (and designer) for a tacky woman.

    • This is heinous, you must be someone who is blinded by the fact that you don’t like the woman because there is nothing tacky about this look.

      • Henrique

        I have nothing against Cheryl yet I find both the dress and the designer tacky. So…

      • NotAGirl

        Wel it’s my opinion. The awful overembellishments and unnecessary peekaboo isn’t tacky? Zuhair Murad isn’t capable of making a nice dress. He always rips off other designers.

  • Marybeth

    She looks great and I adore the color.
    It may not be as interesting a look as what we hoped for but it’s a very lovely one.

  • Prudence

    again…she is tooo short for this. I am not wowed at all. Stephane Rolland had an amazing couture show…should have stuck to him.

  • Melrose

    I’m feeling a sense of deja vu… as it looks similar to something someone else has worn before *kanye shrug*

  • alex

    i love this. The dress is a beautiful colour on her, and she looks gorgeous!

  • Amy

    I think she looks great but I dislike the hair. I do agree this dress is nothing we haven’t seen. That’s why I love Stephane Rolland because his designs seem fresh.

  • Henrique

    I had high expectations for her, lol
    This is ugly and cheap.

  • Rashmi

    That dress is stunning with the beautiful details! Its stunning on Cheryl yes, but still not blazing like last year.

  • Jai

    Blah. Gowns like this are a dime a dozen and I don’t like the overly worked style to begin with. Not impressed.

  • Nat39

    It’s pretty enough but I can’t help but feel disappointed, I was hoping for something less mature and more dramatic, fresher and standout like her Stephane Rolland last year. This is pretty but nothing memorable.

    • Pablo


      • Christine

        I was hoping for something awe-dropping and wow worthy this is not it.

  • Windsor

    Beautiful, but not wow. I’m just happy to see her growth on the Cannes red carpet throughout the years.

    • Same for me! This gown really works on her, it’s stunning! But I won’t remember it like I remember the last 3 years, there is not a wow factor, unfortunately 🙁 One more year to wait…

  • DSI

    Yes! She looks amazing! Love the gown on her. Sweet,classy!

    • Yeliz


    • Alina

      I agree too.

  • Rafael

    Go back to the hotel, put a Stephane Rolland dress on, and walk the red carpet again!Wekve been waiting for you Cheryl, you have to wear SR!

    • Rafael

      *We’ve been…

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