Joey Yung In Alexander McQueen – Chik Chak Music Awards

Joey Yung In Alexander McQueen - 2012 Annual Billboard Awards Presentation Ceremony

Joey Yung attended the Chik Chak Music Awards in Hong Kong on Tuesday with her beau, Wilfred Lau.

As much as I am totally enamoured of Wilfred’s blue-and-black patchwork suit, Joey Yung of course steals my attention wearing an Alexander McQueen Fall 2012 white rose jacquard cape dress with bell-sleeves and a drop-waist skirt.

Inspired by the runway styling, she added the silver bow belt to the look.

As you know, I’m mildly obsessed with all things McQueen, so you can imagine (or share) my horror when I scrolled down to see her purple pumps.

Her first choice should’ve been something silver. Do you agree?

Both the colour and basic style of her pumps don’t work with anything going on north of her ankles.

Credit: & Sina

17 thoughts on “Joey Yung In Alexander McQueen – Chik Chak Music Awards

  1. Funmi

    I totally disagree.The dark coloured pumps is a perfect combination.For a dress that is such a creative and over the top piece,you need something to play down the look and silver shoes would have been too glittery considering she’s wearing a shiny belt already.

    1. Yeliz

      I couldn’t agree more. I think the pumps complement the look perfectly and also add a pop of colour.

  2. Nat39

    The shoes are absolutely wrong, neither the colour nor the style of her pumps are working here, agree. Not really loving the dress either, looks like a little girl’s costume, looks rather silly to me.

  3. MissAmynae

    reaction went like this… “Hoorayyyyeewhatthe%%$#!is on her feet???” Shame, because the rest is oh so fabulous.

  4. EmmaWoodhouse

    The shoes aren’t great, but frankly, it’s the dress that disappoints me–it’s not as dramatic off the runway, a little too limp. His suit is…not great either.

  5. Eggs

    I think a pair of black patent wedges would have worked better. Or, a pair of glittery pump in champagne color and gold will do the job, just my opinion.

  6. TeaAtTwo

    I applaud her for wearing a runway item from this collection which can be tricky but I agree sleeker silver shoes should have been added.

  7. Amy

    I don’t really care about her shoes, nice dress though. I’m more interested in her date. I mean his suit is quite cool.


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