Princess Charlene of Monaco In Gucci – 2012 Ballo del Giglio

Princess Charlene of Monaco and her husband Prince Albert of Monaco attended the 2012 Ballo del Giglio in Florence, Italy, yesterday evening.

Both dressed in black and Princess Charlene wore a Gucci Fall 2012 gown.

Her black silk georgette pleated halter gown with an open back and cascading ruffles was styled with an emerald floral embroidered belt and a black beaded Gucci clutch.

The beautiful princess opted for smoky eyes, pink lips and, surprisingly, no jewelry.

Her look was complete with her blonde cropped hair swept back off her face.

Credit: Getty

21 thoughts on “Princess Charlene of Monaco In Gucci – 2012 Ballo del Giglio

    1. kiwi

      Agree.. interesting.. she is very attractive and better dressed, has more poise than the Duchess but I love that Catherine is always smiling and looking genuinely happy and in love with her Prince

      1. Ines

        Charlene smile, she is happy and genuine and incredibly warm. I was lucky enough to meet her as a volunteer at the Olympics and she was by far with princess Mette Merit my favorite one. The Duchess of Cambridge has no conversation, substance, whatsoever. She repeat the same thing over and over again to everyone.
        You want to see Charlene smile? Look at her while she is interacting with children, in China, in South Africa and in all the terrific places she went to promote the Olympics and her foundation. She has done countless engagement where she truly shines.

        She and Prince Albert suffers from terrible press and each interview is worse than the others. The press are very rough with them but they are still together and happy. You should have seen them at the Olympics, in their elements, their mutual passion. They were awesome and I am so glad I got to witness that!

  1. Ahot

    Love it! Especially how she embrasses her broad shoulders instead of trying to hide them. & she almost never wear jewellery, & i must say that i loove her simplicity always.

  2. Ines

    I will add that personality wise, at least with people, she was very similar to Michelle Obama, who I met too and I am sure she will get more confortable in her role, I doubt she will be very press-friendly tho with all the stories they make up.

  3. Hannah

    I adore this look. I love the belt, I love teh amount and placement of the ruffles, I love the impact of the colour. I feel like it needed to be all black with smoky eyes to make it work or it would have been overly fussy. I really think that this dserves a BDOTW spot.

    1. Hannah

      I always think that she is Charlize Theron for the first second or two of seeing her photos, they are both so beautiful, elegant and statuesque.

      1. Christine

        The resemblance is there. I like the dress. A bit on the boring side but she looks pretty. Her best look to date.

  4. EmmaWoodhouse

    Elegant, pretty, actually lovely gown but it falls a bit flat. I feel like the Duchess puts her in the shade when it comes to presence and fashion (despite those infernal pumps!)

    1. Molly

      Kate only puts Charlene in the shade because the cameras focus on her as where Charlene is far more elegant and reserved.
      I adore this gown and it looks fabulous on Charlene. I wish I looked good with short hair because shes is giving me some major hair envy!


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