Karolina Kurkova In Rachel Zoe – 2012 Met Gala

Karolina Kurkova was a certified knock out on the red carpet at the 2012 Met Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City this evening.

The supermodel attended the event with Rachel Zoe, who designed this breathtaking creation.

Her custom long sleeve rose gold sequinned gown with open back and train has me borrowing Rachel’s famous catch phrase…”I DIE”, because I think I just did.

This is amazing. Supermodel amazing, Iman amazing, and no one does amazing quite like Iman, so this is high praise, indeed.

Karolina teamed her spectacular gown with a matching turban and a gold clutch.

This look just leap-frogged Elizabeth Banks for my best dressed of the night so far.

Credit: Getty

83 thoughts on “Karolina Kurkova In Rachel Zoe – 2012 Met Gala

  1. Christine

    Tears in my eyes!!!! Praise Jesus :D She shut it down! She is my pick too for #1!

    FC, so many BDOTW worthy gowns. We’re in heaven! ;)

    1. Saree

      Oh yes! & only a supermodel could pull this off.

      FC – I wish you all the luck – it’s like Xmas!

    1. Ines

      Indeed! With the turban, she looks SO MUCH like Sheikh Mozah there (who has an off the hook style FC and pull HC like it’s no one business considering her position and region)

  2. NooG

    *GASP* I just wrote how much I love Kirsten Dunst – this will be hard to beat indeed. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. BDOTW. It also better be one of the BDOTY too!!!!

    1. Linda

      Yes, this is most definitely a BDOTY top five! I can’t get over how gorgeous this woman is in this ensemble. Her body just won’t quit!

  3. Riley

    This is stunning but the headband is too much. It takes the look to a little tacky. I wish she wore her hair in an elegant updo or a neat pony tail.

  4. Jones19

    Not loving the matching turban but wow this dress is amazing. Who knew Rachel Zoe could design something like this? I’m in awe.

  5. EmmaWoodhouse

    So much gold! I am not a turban fan, so I should LOGICALLY hate that part of it, but I love the high-fashion fabulosity that is going on here! OH MY GOSH! SO excited by this :) She looks about a million miles tall and is totally on par for the theme. :)

  6. Vidhya

    I’m shocked that Rachel Zoe designed this cos this is going into my BDOTY list. Body amazing. Dress amazing. Makeup amazing. i hate hairpieces .. so im gonna ignore that.. but man this is giving me goose bumps!

    1. noo

      i was also one of many skeptics about rachel being a serious designer! but now it just made perfect sense to me :D she understands her clients’ bodies and can produce looks to make a supermodel look much taller than she is :D and you can see her styling talent in the turban! perfection all the way :D

  7. T from Sydney

    on anyone else it would look stupid but shes brining it!!

    the back looks amazing too!!

  8. Hannah

    She is just so flawless. I know a lto of people sneer at Rachel Zoe’s designing, but it is jsut so logical to me, as a stylist she knows how to create a ‘wow’ moment, which is personified here. So event appropriate, my favourite of the night so far.
    I didn’t think it was possible, but Karolina 2012 just eclipsed Karolina 2011.

  9. Rachel

    FC, I beg of you to not only include this in the BDOTW poll but BDOTY. Rachel Zoe has outdone herself, this is incredible.

  10. Jennifer

    Breathtaking gown on sincerely one of the greatest supermodels in history! She showed everyone how to work a gown! I would have much preferred to see the gold worked into the hair differently, similar to Jennifer Lawrence’s at The Hunger Games. This looks a little too crafty, like Rachel’s tailor cut some of the extra fabric from the hem and made a headband. But all in all…. Stunning! Congrats RZ!

  11. msd

    Wowza! *Finally* someone who is doing the whole Met gala thing properly. If you can’t wear a sequinned turban here then where can you wear it? Go big or go home people!

  12. Kathryn

    SHUTTING IT DOWN…was the Zoeism that came to mind when I saw this look. Karolina is killing it! BDOTY most definitely cause that dress is everything.

  13. Ade

    My problem with this look is the fact that Rachel didn’t hire a choir to sing holy praises as Karolina walked into the venue.

  14. CreoleLady

    Deja vu — Kate Moss did the gold turban/dress thing at the Met gala a couple of years ago. Don’t like turbans, very fuddy-duddy in a Joan Crawford “mommy dearest” kind of way and sequins do not change that for me. Meh.

  15. Prudence

    i wasnt sure about this from afar when i saw it on the live stream but on these pics she looks like perfection incarnate. like im speechless. a person cannot look this great. she was the model of the night, not even gisele can top this.

  16. Ju Alves

    You can call me crazy. And honestly in this moment I think I am, I have the impression that I am the only one who don’t like. The turban and the dress in this same fabric got to much. And this fabric looks cheap, maybe with another fabric would look better. I mean take the example of Sheikha Mozah, beautiful.

    1. Kathy

      I agree with you. I don’t like this look. It’s just too much — too much fabric, too matchy-matchy, too covered, too tacky.

  17. Quinn

    i don’t like turban and i’ve yet seen anyone that can make it work until i saw this! wow!! this is spectacular. perfection from head to toe! the dress is amazing and rachel pick the right person to showcase this magnificent piece! BDOTY!

  18. MEME

    My BEST DRESSED nominee… she knocked it out of the park…. effortless… LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!!… it does remind me of the Fan Bing Bing Elie Saab look… and the Kate Moss look from when Marc Jacobs hosted the MET Gala…. but she makes it her own look… YAS HUNTY!!!… WERQ!!!….

  19. skeptical

    i’m sorry this is not breath taking whatsoever.
    while not a hardcore follower of fashion, i call myself a lover of acetic tastes…however there is nothing breathtaking about this.
    Sure the dress accentuates her remarkable figure however the ensamble as a whole looks cheap and tacky and the turban certainly isn’t doing it any favours.
    i agree with the other poster maybe if it was a different material or fabric it would have worked but i am not impressed by this in the slightest.
    however that is my opinion but i guess the general consensus is that it works.

  20. Joy

    A…freaking…mazing. Wow. I think I’m speechless. Perfection. Karolina has looked so amazing lately, she is saying don’t count me out because I’m getting older. Seriously, this look is so fierce. I think is my favorite look for sure.

    1. CreoleLady

      Thanks, did not know about the Schiaparelli turban love. Came back to see if I could come to love this look. I still don’t but I’m more appreciative now that I know it is an homage.

  21. Tina

    Wow!!! There is a certain knock-out factor about this dress in general. The statuesque silhouette, the color, the makeup – everything is just divine! Some might hate the turban, but I think that the turban gives it a sort of otherworldly-feeling that is just right at the Met Gala, and probably not at, say, the Golden Globes.

  22. Emi

    Stunning but I don’t like the turban, it doesn’t flatter anybody I’ve seen in my life.

  23. Amy

    Gold all over + turban : ususally this is too much but the Met Gala is the perfect place to go over the top. Say what you want about Zoe but she does her research, with Anna Wintour she was the only one to pay tribute to Schiaparelli : the lobster dress and the turban was Elsa’s favourites.

  24. Ines

    KK always brings it. Always. True goddess. Style personified with Diane Kruger. Best dressed of the night. Simply A-MA-ZING!

  25. Ines

    Oh and she looks SO MUCH like Sheikh Mozah there (who has an off the hook style FC and pull HC like it’s no one business considering her position and region)

  26. Lola

    +1 …looks very cheap…and with the turtle neck thing and long sleeves…she makes a living from showing clothes, she certainly made the best if it…but the turban?!?

  27. Jeremy

    this is UTTERLY breathtaking.

    i actually *gasped* when i saw the first pics of this look. KK always brings it at the MET Gala … but this is different level. this is EPIC. she looks quite literally transported from some mythological heaven kingdom of gods. BDOTW. BDOTY!!

  28. Liana

    This is perfection.

    It embodies fashion and art at its best level. It would have been weird with the turban for another kind of event, but for the MET gala, it’s perfection.

  29. rita

    When I saw this photo it was one of those moment when you just look at the screen and you can’t even think because there’s something so beautiful, so gorgeous and so perfect in front of you. I will remember this look when I have to decide who was the best dressed of the year.

  30. Nat

    Stunning! One of the best dressed of the night.

    (Although after reading this post the only thing I can think about is how amazing Iman would have looked in this).

  31. Jess2

    Breathtaking indeed and I think I just died and went to fashion heaven. I literally gasped and got goosebumps!! BDOTW contender for me. Her makeup is perfect.

  32. Mol

    Pretty spectacular, and while I don’t love turbans, I think it works beautifully here.

  33. Zineb

    Glamor and Sophistication are what I have to say. Can she be included in BDOTW or even BDOTY?

  34. britta

    yes karolina is gorgeous and her body just may be the most perfect in hollywood at the moment and rachel zoe could have tragically ruined this moment.but she didnt:)

    instead she put a smile on all of our faces. this is the WOW moment that keeps me in love with this world of fashion and the reason i can look at beautifully boring week after week just knowing that eventually a star&designer are going to have the biggest moment of their careers soon enough.

    best dressed of the event, of the week, of the year. these moments should be cherished <3

  35. Felicia

    OMG!! Amazing! She looks incredible! But I still can’t believe that that’s a RZ designed dress tbh. I still hate turbans but given the fact that this ensemble is pure “I Die”-ness, I’ll make an exception :D

  36. Sif

    Terrible. The worst dressed of the night. I find it so incredibly tacky, and the matching turban – yuk! But I’m not surprised so many people like it, I probably would have liked it myself a few years ago until I discovered ‘taste’.

  37. Dan Oliver

    Only Karolina could pull this off she looks incredible one of the best dressed for sure

  38. Dhppy

    The turban has turned her into cartoon character. Without it, I can appreciate the gown. With it, I keep want her say “moose and squirrel” or brandish a cigarette holder and demand “more puppies”.

  39. bluebird

    KRISTEN STEWART should pick this kind of designer next time! NICOLAS GHESQUIRE of BALENCIAGA who made her dress should be dead by now! gggrrrrrr!……

    1. Magdalena.

      Kristen wouldn’t pull off a dress like this. Not now, not in a million years. It’s just not her style at all.


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